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U.S. Internet Celebrity – Craigery Morgan

Naughty U.S. Internet celebrities – Craigery Morgan

20 years old American college students Craigery Morgan,  As obtained in the YouTube video posted high click-through rate, overnight became a super star of even the big stars are green with envy.

This handsome, tall and sexy, naughty, cheerful, and now have been invited as a male model for some magazines, and many appear on the popular television show, but also may enter show biz.

USA Model – Yann Geoffrey

USA Model – Yann Geoffrey

Name – Yann Geoffrey
Email – yfkgeoffrey@hotmail.com
Phone – 3478603147
Age – 34
Sex – Male
Country – Usa
State – New York City

Mexican Actor – Troy Montero

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Mexican Actor – Troy Montero

He steps out of the stage and immediately one will worry about the structural stabily of the place one is in as Troy Montero glides to the center stage to perform.


Wherever the venue maybe, whether it be at a school gymnasium, a mall, a concert hall, at a studio, a municipal hall or in a movie house, loud screams and fierce feet stomping of girls and women almost always make up the typical scenario whenever it is Troy Montero who will sing.

Actually, it does not matter what he does, whether it just be to host a show or sing, or dance, Troy ALWAYS rock the house down. And why not? Only the sight of Troy makes one sigh… only a glimpse of him makes one forget…

Cody Andrew Garabato Miller III, now known to many as Troy Montero was born in Tacoma, Seattle, Washington, USA and when he came to the Philippines for the first time, he was just trying to learn more about the culture of half of his heritage. He never even thought this would be a typical scene he would have to get used to two years ago. And although his family and friends always knew he was special and that he will make it big someday, he did not even dream he would be such a popular TV and movie personality in the land of his mother’s roots someday.

But how could a gorgeous face like that and a nice stance like his go unnoticed by the showbiz world? On July 30, 1977, the fate of Philippine showbiz was destined to change. Little did anyone know that 23 years after, it would be revolutionized and freshened by a new face, a new talent, a new star.

From the time of his birth, his Mom and Dad has always been proud of their first born son and his whole family really thought that something big was in store for their Cody but they just did not know what, exactly.

Dad Cody Miller Sr.’s German Irish gene’s and his Mom, Cynthia Miclat Garabato’s Filipino bloodline proved to be the perfect combination to come up with not only such a good-looking young man but a multi-faceted individual. The Miclat’s are from Zambales, Phils. Troy’s grandfather, Davis Garabato, being a military man, was always being assigned everywhere. Being so, Josephine Miclat, his grandma, gave birth to his Mom, Cynthia in Texas, USA.

What earned him a place in the hearts and minds of the Filipinos is how he was able to maintain Filipino values in spite of having a very typical American upbringing. The admiration of many not only came from the overflowing talent this guy has but from the way he always talk about his family – especially his Mom. And him earning the title ” Mama’s boy ” do not even embarrass him one bit. Infact, he is proud of it, which makes him all the more endearing to his fans.

His closeness to his family, which is very evident when he vocalizes how he misses them on TV, being so far away from them, make him one of the most respected celebrities in Philippine Showbiz today. If only for these, he is already a rare find, a true gem. Someone worth idolizing.He had always loved to sing.


In his free time, he would write down poems and later on convert them into songs. Back in Seattle, he and his friends would form a band and do some jamming. He dreams of becoming a director too, or someone who works behind the cameras. He would bring along a notebook anywhere to write his ideas on just incase something pops up inside his head. But destiny and fate formed a rare integration to come up with something for him. It brought out in him a talent he never even knew he had.

Just two weeks in the Philippines, he was offered to host a dance show called “Keep On Dancing”. Back in the states, he has modeled and appeared in instructional videos for workout machines and even appeared as extra in a film , but this new job was totally new to him.

Maribeth Bichara, a well known choreographer in the Philippines, who was then scouting for a new face and talent to host a new dance show for ABS-CBN, spotted Troy in a club and had asked him to audition for the show.

Since then, Troy’s show has been rating so high and his popularity has soared.A favorite endorser by many products such as Levis and several fashion designers, it was also because of his first TV commercial for VIVA! Mineral Water, that Troy found himself in the midst of a lot of controversies and which also caused him his falling out with his discoverer/former manager Daddie Wowie Roxas. Troy kept Mum about the whole issue and survived all the storms that were generated because of that incident. Many thought that that was the end of Mr. Montero, but once again, the line ” You can never put a good man down ” proved to be true for Troy.

His star remained among the heavens and was still constantly included in the list of Manila’s bests for whatever. Just recently, the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Foundation awarded Troy the ” Most Promising Male Actor/Celebrity” for the year 1999-2000 along with Vanessa Del Bianco, who bagged the award for the female counterpart.

With only his inability to speak the Tagalog language as his set-back, it seems that everything else is going well for Troy. A next movie with Vina Morales and the Philippine Showbiz’s original bad boy Robin Padilla will again showcase Troy’s acting talent and will surely add another feather in the cap of our golden boy.

It seems as though it was just yesterday that Troy was handling his own catering business<, owning his own donut shop or helping Dad in their family owned real-estate business back in Seattle, now, Troy is enjoying his new found niche in the business of entertaining people.

And though he really misses his family, it helps that his younger brother KC is also in the business and is equally as popular as his older brother. If only for the thought that Troy was instrumental in paving the way for his younger brothers, he appreciates the world he now belongs to even if the same world never believes that his brothers are never competitions for him. KC, now the newest MTV Asia VJ and Colby, who now has legions of followers himself, remains his bestfriends and confidants.

The Montero brothers are known for being close and feircely protective of each other and nothings else ruins Troy’s day than some reporter’s attempt to pit them with each other. Troy has been linked with so many women in and out of showbiz. But Troy swears that he is concentrating on his career at the moment. He is collaborating with friend, and fellow Classified Media talent, Deither Ocampo in writing a story line for a dream movie they both will star in.

Everyday, Troy tries his best to learn something new andadjust to the totally new system he found himself in. Not even the bad publicity he gets every now and then, the talks that he is gay, or he is just a flash in the pan, even the talks that he is an ingrate dampen his spirits. Quite often misunderstood, he learned, the hard way, that ” It is not what you say that hurts the people the most, but its what you don’t say”. Without compromising his dignity and self-respect, Troy tries, as best as he knows how to, reach out and embrace the showbiz world without selling himself short.

He only has his fans to thank for the inspiration he needs to go through another day of an intrigue-hungry business. Whereever the road will take Troy again, whatever is in store for him, for sure showbiz will never be the same again if only because Troy was in it.


No one has made quite an impact such as him. What he has now, is something others can just dream of and find himself working on for years with no luck. Whether it just be a case of being at the right place at the right time, Troy has been responsible in inspiring many people and a lot of Filipinos, especially those abroad, to once again take interest in giving their culture and heritage another look just because of the inpiration drawn from his story. Nowadays, the name Troy is synonymous to not only a beautiful face, but is an icon for good family values , loyalty to friends and total entertainment. Now, that is never an accident.