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Danish Actor – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

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Danish Actor – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, born July 27, 1970, in Denmark, is a Danish actor.

Coster-Waldau received his education at Statens Teaterskole in Copenhagen in 1993. After graduating, he landed his breakthrough role in the 1994 hit Danish horror thriller film “Nattevagten” (Nightwatch). Soon after, he bagged more than a dozen roles in Danish films including “Antenneforeningen (1999),” “Manden bag døren (2003),” and “Rembrandt (2003),” among others.

Coster-Waldau made his international film debut in 2001, in minor parts in Ridley Scott’s critically-acclaimed war film “Black Hawk Down (2001).” In the following years, he appeared in the hit romantic comedy “Wimbledon (2004),” and the action thriller “Firewall (2006)” opposite Harrison Ford.


In 2008, Coster-Waldau starred as the immortal Detective John Amsterdam in the American TV drama series “New Amsterdam.”

Korean TV Drama Series Actor – Joo Ji Hoon

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Korean TV Drama Series Actor – Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji-Hoon, born May 16, 1982, is a Korean model-turned-actor who is known for playing Crown Prince Lee Shin in a major Korean TV Drama Series “Goong” (also called as, “Palace”, or “Princess Hours.”)


Before entering the entertainment industry, Ji-Hoon studied in Dongwon University and majored in e-Business. He was known as “Handy Man” in his school for his tall height (6’2″). In 2003, he went into modelling and advertised for names like Calvin Klein, LEVI’s and Reebok. He has also won awards for modelling.

When it was announced that Ji-Hoon would be playing Prince Shin in the drama Princess Hours, fans of the manhwa protested, as they wanted a familiar face to portray that role. However, after the drama was aired, criticism ceased.


In 2006, Joo Ji-Hoon won MBS Drama Awards Best New Actor for this role.