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German Actor – Til Schweiger

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German Actor – Til Schweiger

Til Schweiger, born Tilman Valentin Schweiger, December 19, 1963, in Freiburg, Germany, is a German actor.


After studying German at the university for two years to become a teacher, he attended acting lessons at a drama school in Cologne.

Schweiger almost got his big break when he was offered the role of the German soldier, who shoots Tom Hanks’s character (Captain John H. Miller) in Saving Private Ryan (1998) but he turned it down because he had reservations about the role’s effect on his image at the American audience.


Schweiger landed his first acting role in Lindenstraße (1989-1992). He has also appeared in several movies Manta, Manta (1991), Judas Kiss (1998), and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) to name a few.

Schweiger became the first non-Polish actor who received the Best Actor Award at the Polish Film Festival (1998) for his role in Bandyta (1997).


Schweiger also produced and directed a number of films including Barfuss (2005); Erbsen auf halb 6; Auf Herz und Nieren (2001) and Eisbär, Der (1998) to mention a few.