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American Actor – Stephen Sowan

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American Actor – Stephen Sowan

Stephen Sowan, born November 17, 1983, in Dallas, Texas, USA, is an American actor.

6′ 1½” tall, Sowan’s first acting role came in 2003, when he had a small role in Leeches!, a low-budget homoerotic horror film directed by David DeCoteau, that revolves around the steroid-enhanced men’s swim team and the steroid-enhanced leeches that prey on them.

About 2-3 years later, Sowan had landed more movie and TV roles including popular shows such as “Reba”, “Monk” and “Laura Smiles” among others.


In 2007, Sowan had a more substantial role in the TV series “The Riches,” appearing in 6 episodes as Erick, about a family of crooks who assume the identity of an upper-middle-class suburban clan in the Deep South.

Sowan’s next project will have him star in movies “My Suicide” as Stoner; “On the Doll” as Tre; and as-yet-untitled TV series written by David Duchovny.