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Columbia Photographer – JSmith Photo

Columbia Photographer – JSmith Photo

Male, Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland

About me

My passion is photographing individuals in a casual style and working with people who enjoy experimenting with different things, finding and defining their personal style. Photography is like love — the concept is easy to understand, but striving for perfection is a lifelong pursuit.

Models here include rock musicians, business owners, law and medical school students, soldiers (officers and enlisted), college students (undergraduate through doctoral), models (amateur through professional), competitive bodybuilders, white and blue collar workers, and those still looking for that big break!

Some models with whom I’ve worked:

Anthony Beafore #1074420 Alexandria VA & Morgantown WV
Ben Street (not on MM) Fairfax, Virginia
Arneilious Dane #1204452  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nicholas Minerva #1435549 New York, Pittsburgh
James Crawford (not on MM) State College, Pennsylvania
Antonio Balsamo x2 #362646  New York, London
Mark Funderburk #1435783 Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Wesssss M aka Wesley Moomaw #1394802 Alexandria, Virginia
Jarred Smith #1356916 St Louis Missouri & Chicago, Illinois
KC Fields #1353936 Morgantown, West Virginia
Pat Valley #1435389 Springfield, Virginia
Craig Malozzi x2 #1307118 Allentown, Pennsylvania
David Townson #1305744 Washington, District of Columbia
Jamie Free #1276977 Brentwood, Tennessee
Cyran #1168049 Fairfax, Virginia
Ruslan Pavlishyn #1316225 Kiev, Ukraine & New York
Ruslan Pavlyshyn #1216804 Kiev, Ukraine & New York
David Joel #1263686 Capitol Heights, Maryland
Richard R Vargas #1151229 Honolulu, Hawaii
Marc Covey (not on MM) Honolulu, Hawaii & Vermont
Daniel Alex #809308 New York, New York
Rock Warnick #831537 Rockville, Maryland
Cody Brown #602060 Sterling, Virginia
Franklin Cuello (not on MM) Fairfax, Virginia
Damien Nikolao aka Hapakamoa x3 #817032 Springfield, Virginia
Kevin Newby #1022700 Newport News, Virginia
Remmington Bishop (not on MM) New Orleans & Arizona
Adam J Seaman #1258773 Fairfax, Virginia
Blakwiz #822887 (no longer on MM) Burtonsville, Maryland
Jermaine (Jay) Brower (not on MM) Greenbelt, Maryland
Matt Freestyle aka Matt Steffanina #705353 Charlottesville, Virginia
Marcus McKinley x4 #694178 Arlington, Virginia