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Peter Corp Dyrendal – Male Model Thailand

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Peter Corp Dyrendal

– Male Model Thailand

Name: Peter Corp Dyrendal
Nickname: Ter
Age: 30 (2006)
Birthdate: January 1, 1976
Birthplace: Denmark
Nationality: Thai/Danish
Language: Thai,Danish,English,German
Favorite Singers: Nirvana, Guns’n’Roses, John lennon
Tv Series: Sai lom kub Saengdao (2002 Exact Drama)


It all began with many vacation and visits to his aunt in bangkok, thailand. His aunt had pushed 17 year old Peter to camera test with a modeling agency. from then he started modeling. At 19 years old he shot his first tv commericial. During break from the shoot peter picked up a guitar and started singing. At the time a mangager of the record company from grammy over heard him. He had asked peter if he wanted to be a singer. Peter laughed at the thought of him being a rock star. way different from his earlier interest in chemistry. he Open mindedly started taking singing lessons. 5 months later he signed his first contract with major recording label grammy. 1998 his debut album “hin pa ka darp” was a major hit. With edgy pop/rock songs like “Jao tui yoo nai”, “Hai fah pah tur”. Peter had a unique voice, with deep passion when he sings. Now he is the lead singer in a band 4gotten. I believe he will continue his success and have more hits for his fans.

With his unique voice and dashing good looks, 26-year-old Thai-Danish Peter Corp Dyrendal first charmed audiences with his debut album Hin Pha Gar Darb in 1998.

With hits such as “Chao Tui� (Buffalo) and “Hai Fa Pha Ther�, Peter was hailed as one of the brightest stars to emerge from the pop/rock music scene. His fourth album, Version 4, released in September 2002, was a big step in Peter’s career, propelling him to even greater heights of stardom. Peter was nominated for Best Thai Artiste for MTV Asia Awards 2003.

Peter ignited his engine with the first album “Hin Pha Ga Darb” in 1998. This young man was immediately recognized by the audiences from his unique hoarse voice and a charming wide-opened smile decorated on his face. Peter’s music became very popular within light speed, starting from the very first single “Chao Tui Yoo Nai (Where are the buffaloes?)”. Besides singing, Peter also had a chance to compose one English song named “An Angel in My Life” in this album, a beautiful piece of art that mirrored his hidden gift. After the success of his first shot, Peter came back again in 1999 with his second album, “Magic Peter”, and again in the year 2000 with the third one “X-Ray”, shaking his fans’ hearts (especially females) continuously. His latest work, “Version 4.0”, in 2002, still turned the country on with the stronger Pop rock tune.