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French Actor – Matthieu Tribes

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French Actor – Matthieu Tribes

Matthieu Tribes, born in 1979, is a French actor.


Tribes debuted on television in 1987 on the show “Mambo Satin”, a children’s program which featured kids interviewing stars. He then made his comedic debut in 1989 in “Rouge Venise” with Victor Lanoux, and in 1990 in a TV movie, “Le Dernier Lien” where he played the son of Christophe Malavoy.

In 1991, Tribes took on the role of his father, Jean-Louis Tribes, in “Le Scooter a Pedale,” a short autobiographical movie created by the latter.


In 1994, 1995, and 1996, Tribes doubled roles in Free Willy, Free Willy 2, Neverending Story 3, Once Upon a Time in the Forest, Basketball Diaries. He left school in 1996 without a degree to pursue a career in music.

He therefore follows a musicology course in a jazz school over a period of three years and becomes adept at multiple instruments. His encounter with his agent Laurence Coudert in 1999 would bring him back to comedy. He will chain together several made-for-TV films such as “Le Lycee”, “La Bataille d’Hernani”, “La Vie” co-starring with Clemence Poesy, and “Le Proces de Bobigny” alongside Sandrine Bonnaire.


Later, he is retained as spokesperson for Diesel Fuel for Life cologne and stars with M. Night Shyamalan in his film “The Happening.”