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AIMAN NAIM – Want To Become Male Model

AIMAN NAIM BIN SAHARUDIN – Want To Become Male Model


Email  :  deqman29@yahoo.com

Contact No  :  0173997150

Age  :  19

Sex  :  Male

Country  :  Malaysia

State  :  Selangor

James Zaremba – London Male Model

James Zaremba

Male, 18 years old, Wolverhampton and London, West Midlands

hellooo, my name is james and I am 18 years old and 100% natural, no supplements nothing.

I have been boxing from the age of 7 and i am looking to make it as a professional in a few years. Boxing is my biggest passion but i have played basketball and football at very competitive levels. I dont eat healthy i love my mcdonalds, it gives me a drive to train harder to burn it off.

I am new to the modeling world but i would love to see myself one day on the front of a fitness magazine or being in a movie in anyway that would be awesome!!!!!! i love modeling and would love to get lots of experience, i dont mind working for free aslong aslong as traveling expenses are paid for. I will do anything but NUDE sorry but im new.

My facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1821818527