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Canadian Actor – Kevin Zegers

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Canadian Actor – Kevin Zegers

Kevin Zegers was born on September 19, 1984 in Ontario Canada. He has two sisters, Katie and Krista, and two very proud parents: Jim and Mary Ellen.

Kevin Zegers

If you rent the film “Life With Mikey” you will have the chance to see Kevin’s very first film role as none other than little Mikey on the television series! Of course, Kevin went on to star in many more television and film projects.

When talking about High School, Kevin says that it really wasn’t a problem being well known there. Kevin is still acting and hopes to “maybe direct some day. I also want to get into Sports Medicine and maybe travel with a professional team as a trainer.” Kevin’s advice to young actors is simple: “Three years after I started acting, I went a whole year of auditioning like crazy and didn’t get booked on any of them. Just when I wanted to quit, I landed a lead in a film and haven’t stopped working since.” And what role does Kevin consider his favorite? He couldn’t pick just one, but has to say one of them is “It Came From The Sky” where he played the part of a 13-year-old that had suffered from oxygen deprivation. He also thinks his first coming-of-age film, “Four Days” was a great character with a dark personality with a lot of baggage.


About his appearance on Aaron Spelling’s “Titans” – Kevin reported when he joined the cast that “I had a great time with the dogs and the monkeys, but it’s gonna be real cool to work with all these good actors too,” says Kevin, referring to Titans’ human cast. Titans was cancelled by NBC, but Kevin isn’t too heart-broken to be heading back to his hometown in Canada. “I find it difficult [Hollywood], and I don’t feel much like ass-kissing, which is why I like to come home as much as possible. People here are just real.”


Zegers says he plans to keep going to school, to become either a teacher or doctor. “I need something to fall back on. I see me doing this for a while, but I want to have a family and kids someday, and I don’t think this industry has a very good family atmosphere,” he says. “When all is said and done I’m going to be living in Canada with a wife and kids, hopefully.”