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Men’s Underwear – Unico Men’s Underwear

Men’s Underwear – Unico Men’s Underwear

Classic Suspensor Trunk

These trunks make other boxer briefs seem boring. They come in stretch cotton and are offered in a variety of colors. I have red ones. The first time I wore them I went to the gym–they are great to wear under gym shorts.

Microfiber Suspensor Trunk

This microfiber ‘Suspensor’ trunk is made from a lightweight, super-stretchy microfiber and features a contour pouch that offers added ‘lift.’ They come in three colors. I have a pair and love how they hug my body. I recommend buying as size up since they do run a bit small.

Bi-Color Suspensor Trunk

These trunks are so fun looking and they are made of stretch cotton. They are super flattering, at least visually, probably because of the way the two colors are sewn together. Very slimming.

Fresco Trunk

This sheer mesh and microfiber trunk is not for everyone and are probably something you would wear when you are feeling a little sexy.

Ciclo Boxer Brief

These fun striped trunks are really soft and comfy. They have a body-hugging design in a classic boxer brief cut. These you could wear every day.

Classic Suspensor Brief

If you are a briefs kind of guy, you will enjoy these. They are made of stretch cotton and are very supportive. In fact, they fit like a glove. They come in lots of colors too.

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Canadian Actor – Steve Byers

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Canadian Actor – Steve Byers

Steve Byers is a Canadian actor who plays wakeboard jock and heartthrob Jason Tanner in Falcon Beach, a role that showcases the young actor’s natural athletic ability and beach boy good looks.

After graduating with the top award for Excellence in Drama from Unionville School for the Arts, Steve continued his academic study of the craft in the University of Western Ontario’s Film Program.

Among his first professional roles were guest parts on La Femme Nikita and A Simple Wish. After a move to Vancouver landed him a recurring role on MTV’s comedy series 2Gether, Steve returned to his hometown of Toronto to star with Rachel McAdams of Wedding Crashers in MTV’s Shotgun Love Dolls.

The blonde-haired actor with sapphire blue eyes has guest starred on several TV shows, including Now What? with Adam Brody, Mutant X and UPN’s Kevin Hill. His feature film credits include the indie My Brother’s Keeper, Artisan Entertainment’s House of the Dead and Universal’s Slap Shot II.

To add depth and believability to his role as the star sports attraction of Falcon Beach, Steve worked with the top names in professional wakeboarding to learn the skills of riding the hottest new equipment on water since the surf board and jet ski.

Steve, who spent many summers at his family’s cottage in Muskoka, Ontario, says Falcon Beach “is about the most special of seasons in a young adult’s life. Whether you’re a local kid who lives year round in a small town on the water or a city kid who vacations there, summer is about first tastes and lasting memories.”

Korean Actor – Song Seung hun

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Korean Actor – Song Seung hun

Song Seung-hun, born on October 5, 1976, is a South Korean actor.

Song started his career as a model in 1995, modelling for the brand name STORM, and began acting in sit-coms and TV dramas in 1996. In 1999 he made his film debut in Calla and has since then gathered prominent fan base throughout Southeast Asia.

Song is noted for his role in Korean dramas like Autumn Fairy Tale (2000) and Summer Scent in 2003, a story that was about a fight between a sister and brother fighting for Min-yu (Seung-hun) and Hui-yuan (Ye-jin) respectively, who had conducted a heart operation before due to a previous heart failure.

The heart, which belonged to Minyu’s previous girlfriend who was killed in a car accident and he, by co-incidence, fell in love with Huiyuan , thus causing their other partners (the siblings) to fight back their relationship with these two people, causing Minyu and Huiyuan to break up. In this drama, Sung co-starred with Son Ye-jin.

Song, during his late teenage years, successfully evaded serving the local army by claims of heavy diabetes and high blood pressure. At 28, he was discovered by the South Korean government and forced to serve the army for around two years.

Song temporarily dropped acting to serve the army until 2007, although he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Song is now currently serving in the South Korean army.