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American Actor – Jason Gerhardt

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American Actor – Jason Gerhardt

Jason Gerhardt, born in Austin, Minnesota, is an American actor, best known for his role as Cooper Barrett on the American ABC daytime drama “General Hospital.”


At a young age, Gerhardt lived in many other cities in the Midwest when his father got promoted in his company Hormel, best known as the producer of Spam luncheon meat.

It was in Nebraska that Gerhardt made his first foray into acting. He was cast as “The Claus” in his elementary school production of “The North Pole Goes Rock-n-Roll.” Though this role could have launched him into Hollywood stardom, he was more interested in sports than acting, at the time.

It wasn’t until high school that Gerhardt was encouraged by friends and family to once pursue acting. He joined the show choir and performed in a few musicals and plays. Even with all of that experience, acting still wasn’t his calling…just yet. He left for college with the goal of becoming an investment banker or maybe a politician.

Attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison was a life changing experience for Gerhardt. It was there that he joined the University of Wisconsin gospel choir and met some amazing friends.


With his degree in accounting, Gerhardt headed to Kansas City to work for Sprint. In his time outside of work, he was very active in children’s ministries for various churches, and was the lead singer in a church band.

When his promising career at Sprint was cut short due to corporate downsizing, Gerhardt took that as a sign that it was time to follow his heart. He began to see that acting was what he was meant to do.

Gerhardt’s first step was to sign with Exposure, Inc., a local KC talent agency, and to enroll in some acting classes. Through Exposure he did some modeling and industrial video work, while picking up whatever odd job he could find.

Through one of Gerhardt’s auditions, yet another rejection, he was fortunate to meet his current manager and friend, Anthony Barnao. This was a big step for Jason that started opening doors previously closed to him. Not only does Anthony serve as Jason’s manager, but he is also a gifted teacher and acting coach who has helped Jason to hone his skills.


Gerhardt’s first acting role came in 2006, when he had a small role in “The Doers of Coming Deeds”, a short drama, directed by Jerry Buteyn. A year later, he landed his big break, on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital,” playing the part of Cooper Barrett.

An avid sports fan, Gerhardt enjoys playing tennis, football, basketball and gymnastics.

American Actor and Model – Jared Edwards

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American Actor and Model – Jared Edwards

Jared Edwards, born in 1985, in Hixson, Tennessee, is an American actor and model.


Edwards made his acting debut in 2002 in the TV series “Port Charles”, a spin-off of “General Hospital.”

In the following years, Edwards starred in several minor roles including a gay comedy “Is One Of You Eddie?” from a collection of “First Out“ and David DeCoteau’s homoerotic thriller “Speed Demon.”


Edwards also models on the side. He appeared on the exercise DVD “Work Out” and graced the pages of a number of magazines, strutting his body for underwear brands “N2N,” “Ami Sanzuri,” and “Andrew Christian.”

Hollywood Actor – Will Estes

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Hollywood Actor – Will Estes

Will Estes began his professional acting career in 1988. During 1988 and 1989 Will did many commercials and guest appearances on Network Television shows, including such popular shows as “Highway To Heaven,” “General Hospital,” and “Santa Barbara.”


Then, in the summer of 1989, the surprising news out of Hollywood was that a new Lassie show would be made for TV. This show would not be just any old Lassie re-tread, it would have the famous and incredibly talented Dee Wallace Stone playing the mother. And, even more surprising, her husband would be played by real-life husband Christopher Stone. Furthermore, Jon Provost, the original “Timmy,” would make guest appearances on the show. With such an incredibly talented cast, the pressure was on to find a boy to play the pivotal role of Lassie’s master.

The producers of the show set out on an extensive nationwide talent search in which more than 700 children were interviewed. One of those kids was a 10-year-old named Will Estes. Out of this huge pool of children, Executive Producer Al Burton and his staff chose Will to play Lassie’s new master. And, a star was born….


The New Lassie show began airing in syndication in the Fall of 1989 and lasted for two seasons before being cancelled. It was a wonderful family show with an incredible cast. Will Estes played the role as if it was tailor-made for him.

After New Lassie, Will did some made for TV movies and continued doing guest roles and commercials. Then, in the Fall of 1993, Will joined the cast of a new show called It Had To Be You. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after only four episodes were aired. So it was back to the commercials and guest appearances. In addition, in 1995 Will filmed a movie called The Road Home. This reunited him with Dee Wallace Stone and enabled him to work with the legendary Mickey Rooney.

The Fall of 1995 brought us the brand new WB NETWORK with a new show called Kirk. The show was named for its star, Kirk Cameron. However, the producers soon learned that castmember Will Estes was a big hit with the audiences’ teens. This show catapulted Will into “teen idol” status and he began appearing regularly in the teen magazines. Alas, though, the show was suddenly cancelled by the WB in the middle of its 2nd Season in Dec. 1996.

In the Fall of 1997, Will was a castmember on the new CBS show, Meego. This sitcom about an alien crash-landing on Earth began airing in Sept. 1997, but was cancelled in late October after six episodes aired. However, before Meego, Will had filmed six episodes of the popular Nickelodeon Network show The Secret World Of Alex Mack. This was the final season of this long-running show, and Will began appearing in the show in November as a featured regular. Will did a fantastic job in this show and was even featured in the final episode of the series.


In February of 1998, Will joined the cast of a new TV Sitcom called Kelly Kelly. The show, starring Shelley Long and Robert Hays, began airing on The WB Network in April 1998 as a mid-season replacement. At only 19-years-old, Will Estes became a regular castmember in his fifth television series.

So far Will Estes has beat all the odds. He has been able to make the transformation from child actor to teen actor. Now, at the age of 25, he continues to work as an adult actor and has started an impressive entry into feature films, including the big-budget Universal Picture’s hit WWII submarine film, U-571. In addition, Will became a castmember in his sixth television series, “American Dreams”, which debuted on NBC in the Fall of 2002.