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American Actor – Mark Cameron Wystrach

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American Actor – Mark Cameron Wystrach

Mark Cameron Wystrach born on December 17, in Tucson, Arizona, is an American actor. He currently portrays the role of Nicholas Foxworth “Fox” Crane on the popular NBC soap opera Passions.


Wystrach took over the role from Justin Hartley, who departed Passions in February 2006.

The youngest of 6 children, Wystrach was born and raised on a working cattle ranch in southern Arizona where his parents also ran a popular local steakhouse. Among his siblings are his fraternal twin brother, Michael, and his sister, Alex Flannigan, a sports reporter for ESPN. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Wystrach set out to travel the world, living at various times in Spain, Costa Rica and Norway.


A gifted athlete, Wystrach enjoyed the nomadic life while surfing and performing as a street musician before settling in Southern California to study acting.

Wystrach currently lives in Los Angeles. He frequently surfs along the Southern California coast and travels whenever his schedule allows.

American Actor – Jason Cook

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American Actor – Jason Cook

Jason Cook, born September 13, 1980, is an American actor best known for playing the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.


Cook was born in Somerdale, New Jersey to Bill Cook (an engineer for amusement parks) and JoAnne (a pre-school teacher); he has two sisters, Michelle and Jenean, and a brother, Michael. When he was very young, his family moved to California.

At an early age, Jason began studying the piano. As his musical skills improved, he got jobs performing at occasional weddings. He did not consider acting until high school, when he served as an emergency replacement in Whodunnit? He knew from then on that he wanted to be an actor. His father had a friend who was a theatre manager and he happened to be in the audience that night, who helped him get other jobs.


Cook portrayed Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of Our Lives from October 1999 and was very popular with fans, especially in Shawn’s relationship with Belle Black. When Cook’s contract with Days of our Lives expired in September 2006, he left the show. Actor Brandon Beemer has been recast as Shawn and debuted in the role September 28, 2006.

Cook has turned his attentions to writing and directing films, recently making the indie film Social Security Guard, starring his former Days of Our Lives co-star John Ingle.

Cook’s other acting credits include the film The Wizard of Loneliness and the TV movie Club Med.