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Most Adorable Actor – Brad Pitt

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Most Adorable Actor – Brad Pitt

A critic once wrote that Brad Pitt combined “the matinee idol looks of Gary Cooper with the sex symbol loveliness of Marilyn Monroe”. It’s a line that sums up Pitt’s pin-up appeal, but would certainly annoy the pants off Pitt himself. After all, he’s spent years trying to explode a reputation as a Himbo, taking on a series of lead roles and cameos that should really have proven to the world that he is in fact a very fine actor indeed.


He’s played a dazed and confused pot-head, a near-incomprehensible streetfighting traveller, an IRA terrorist, a reluctant vampire, a Nazi mountain-climber, a psycho on the run, a mental patient dedicated to the destruction of world order, AND he dared to act wholly unaided, later to be surrounded by cartoons. Dustin Hoffman was certainly correct when he said “Next to that kid, we all look like onions”, but surely, SURELY he has earned our respect by now.

He was born William Bradley Pitt on the 18th of December, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and remains a mid-Westerner to the core. He was raised, alongside brother Doug and sister Julie, in Springfield, Missouri. His father, Bill, managed a trucking firm, working six days a week for 36 years – something of which Brad is very proud. His mother, Jane, was a High School counselor, but his mind-set was influenced more by his dad. “Where I grew up,” he once said “you deal. You get through it, power through it, straight up the middle. And you don’t complain”. It’s an attitude that’s served him well as he’s battled the improbable pressures of stardom.


Due to Bill’s success, the Pitts never really wanted for anything, and Brad in particular used this as a springboard to try everything. A decent fellow, he was brought up as a Baptist, singing in the church choir. He loved movies, later recalling a fine day spent at an Ape-athon, watching all five Planet Of The Apes films, back-to-back. At Kickapoo High School he was involved in everything. He was a member of the golf, tennis and swimming teams, as well as the Key and Forensics clubs. He was into debating, school government and school musicals.