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Austin Drage

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Austin Drage

Austin Drage, born June 29, 1986 in Leytonstone, London, is an English singer, songwriter, and actor.


From an early age Drage has had a number of theatre, film and television credits to his name.

But it’s music that is Austin’s love, and 2006 will see Austin take to the road in a tour that has him once again lined up alongside music’s elite. With self-penned tracks: Happy Now and Out of my Head, a fresh look and a guitar to hand, Austin is ready to live his dream!


Drage has also appeared on the television show “Boys Will Be Girls”, which screened in the UK, and in Australia on Arena. The theme of the show was that three male singers were to form a girl band, by dressing and performing as women, in an attempt to fool the public. His filmography credits include “The Bill”, “Casualty” and “Snatch”.

He goes to Highams Park and Heathcote schools. His favorite foods are chicken and pasta. His hobbies are songwriting, singing, dj-ing, dancing and going to the gym


He shares his worst habit is, “I’m lazy, nothing will get me out of bed when i’m tired!” And when ask what he thinks of his best feature, he proudly says with a grin, “My muscles!”

Country music performer -Adam Gregory

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Country music performer -Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory, born July 12, 1985 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a country music performer.


Gregory’s first album “The Way I’m Made” was released in 2000 when he was only 14. The album earned Adam the Prairie Music Award for “Outstanding Country Music Recording,” in September 2001 and Adam won the Canadian Radio Music Award for “Best New Country Artist” for the first single from the album, “Horseshoes,” at the March, 2001 ceremonies during Canadian Music Week.

The Way I’m Made was also nominated for two Juno Awards and four Canadian Country Music Awards. The four singles from the album: “Horseshoes,” “Only Know I Do,” “No Vacancy,” and “Big Star,” were hits and all four videos that were made to accompany the singles were #1 at CMT. At the time of his sophomore release Workin’ On It, sales for Adam’s debut release went gold.


It has been a whirlwind for Gregory, but he has managed to stay grounded and focused. The Way I’m Made received a great deal of critical acclaim but also generated a burgeoning fan base. A sensitive young man, Adam will always stay long after his show is over to sign autographs, sometimes for as long as 3-4 hours. “I don’t like to leave until I have a chance to meet everyone. These people have come out to see me and give me their support, so I want to make sure everyone gets an autograph. I love doing that.”

But alongside his regular life, Gregory’s passion for music drives him. “Without music I’d be so lost. If I don’t sing for a long time, I feel as if I’m going into withdrawal –something’s missing. I need to be singing. It makes me a better person and inspires me to do better.”

Gregory received recognition as one of eight individuals worldwide nominated for the CMA Global Country Artist Award. This award recognized outstanding achievement by a Country Music artist who has furthered the popularity of Country Music, and brought attention to the genre in their foreign-based territory. Adam has definitely brought a lot of the young teenagers into listening to country music.


Gregory’s second album was released in 2002, and was titled “Workin’ On It.” Gregory is still recording, and his latest single is titled “Never Be Another.” Gregory is carried by the Sony Canadian record label. In 2005,Gregory was nominated for the Country Music Association’s Global Country Artist Award. In the summer of 2006, Adam released his self-titled third album containing his hit single “Get It On,” which was released by Mensa Records in association with Aquarius Records.

Aside from his music career, Gregory has also appeared in a Canadian film production entitled “Sharp as Marbles” as Albert which was filmed in Vancouver, BC.

Beiron Anderson, International Male Model

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Beiron Anderson,

International Male Model

If you say that age makes a man mature and more attractive, it certainly applies to Beiron Anderson’s case. Another fine export from Sweden, Beiron Andersson is considered to be one of the first male supermodels in the world.

Born in Stokholm, Sweden, Beiron first came to the United States as an exchange student. He worked as a fitness trainer in California. His goal was to have his own gym. The gym where he worked for recommended some modeling work for Beiron, and the money made from just hours of work was more than what Beiron had expected. At the age of 25, Beiron Andersson made his debut in the modeling industry. He was soon featured in various campaigns for some of the most known designers, but Beiron’s big break didn’t come untill he appeared in his first GUESS? campaign in August of 1992 at the age of 27.

After his career had taken off, Beiron moved permanently to the United States. While juggling between his modeling schedule and being a husband and father, Beiron was always showing enough care for his family and providing sufficient funds when he was on the road.

Standing 6 feet, at 170 pounds, Beiron spends his free time working out, playing sports and pursuing an interest in photography. He has appeared on segments of Entertainment Tonight, The Vicky Lawrence Show and E! Entertainment Television. In addition to modeling and acting, he released his own calendar in 1995.

Beiron has been off the male modeling map for a few years now, but people just don’t seem to forget the flavour and style that he has brought to the male fashion. He lives in small town in Colorado with the Rocky Mountain surrounded. As for the future, Beiron will remain as a model for occasional works, and keep his sport gym running like he had always dreamed about.