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American Actor – Matthew Lawrence

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American Actor – Matthew Lawrence

Matthew William Lawrence, born February 11, 1980, is an American actor best known for his role of Jack Hunter on the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World from 1997-2000.

Lawrence was born in Abington, Pennsylvania to Joseph Lawrence, Sr. and Donna Shaw; he has two brothers, Joey and Andrew, both of whom are actors. His father changed the surname from the Italian-origin name “Mignogna” before Matthew was born.

Lawrence began acting in the early 1980s, and became a renowned child actor through the early 1990s, appearing in many television and feature film roles, including the 1993 Robin Williams comedy, Mrs. Doubtfire and 2002 film, Cheats.


In February 2002, Lawrence enrolled at the University of Southern California.

Lawrence has a special love for animals and hopes to someday become a zoologist.

American Most Hunk Actor – Chris Lowell

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American Most Hunk Actor – Chris Lowell

Christopher “Chris” Lowell, born on October 17, 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia, is an American actor, best known for his role as Dell Parker in the TV series “Private Practice.”


Lowell attended the Atlanta International School, where he became interested in theatre and filmmaking. In college, he attended University of Southern California, where he was discovered in his first year while playing beach volleyball.

After being discovered and going through his first major audition, Lowell landed a role on the ABC drama” Life As We Know It.” He then followed this with roles in a small film entitled ” You Are Here” and “Graduation” in 2006.


In 2007, Lowell landed his big break when he co-starred in the ABC drama “Private Practice,” a spin-off of the popular television show, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Lowell is also the vocalist and harmonicist for the indie acoustic band “Two Shots for Poe.”

In his spare time, Lowell enjoys amateur filmmaking, theatre, and traveling.

American Actor – Ross Thomas

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American Actor – Ross Thomas

Ross Thomas, born August 21, 1981, in Stockton, California, is an American actor.

Thomas graduated in May 2005 from University of Southern California with a B.A. in Theatre Arts.

Thomas has already garnered critical praise from fans and audiences and is fast becoming one of today’s biggest breakout stars.

In 2006, Thomas wrapped production on the feature film, “The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold” , playing an extreme sports professional turned figure skater; Ross performed many of his own stunts both on the ice and the ramp.

Other film credits include the critically acclaimed title role of Seth in the critically acclaimed independent film “What’s Bugging Seth”, a story of a young deaf man trying to start his own business while facing all of life’s obstacles that present to handicapped persons. Additionally, Ross starred opposite Lesly Jordan in the hysterical independent dark comedy “Sissy French Fry,” also a film festival winner.

Thomas’ other television credits include guest star roles on CSI, CSI: NY and Cold Case as well as the love interest for Misti Traya on the WB’s “Living with Fran.” Along with his television credits, Ross has completed major national campaigns for both MasterCard and Applebee’s.

Thomas is currently working on several movie projects to be released in 2007 and 2008, “American Pie Presents: Beta Hous ” as Ryan Grimm; “Shelter” and “Lipshitz Saves the World.”

Aside from acting, Ross enjoys horseback riding, surfing and snowboarding with aspirations to produce and direct one day.