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Spanish Actor – Martin Rivas

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Spanish Actor – Martin Rivas

Martin Rivas, born January 10, 1985, in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, is a Spanish



Rivas is perhaps known for acting mostly in telenovelas in his home country, Spain. His first TV appearances came at the tender age of 13 in the soap opera “Mareas vivas.”

In 2006, Rivas got his big break when he secured three projects in one year, appearing in his first film debut “Atopeite,” on the popular TV series “SMS, sin miedo a soñar” and comedy show “Maridos e mulleres.”


In 2008, Rivas appeared in his longest TV appearance (23 episodes) in “El Internado.” Also in the same year, he landed two movies “Los Girasoles ciegos” and “El sexo de los angeles.”

Aside from acting, Rivas also models on the side. He graced the cover of “Hercules” magazine and has been seen in the pages of several clothing catalogues.

American Actor – Ian Anthony Dale

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American Actor – Ian Anthony Dale

Ian Anthony Dale, born July 3, 1978 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, is an American actor.


Fastlane playing “Jackson Yu” marks Ian’s television debut. His other acting credits include guest TV appearances in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Angel, JAG, Las Vegas, and Charmed.

Most recently, he got the role of Davis Lee on the NBC’s TV series, Surface.

Ian Anthony has a commanding presence on the screen. He is handsome and talented and hopefully, he will be seen in many more shows for a long time to come.