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U.S. Film and Television Actor – Cristian de la Fuente

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U.S. Film and Television Actor – Cristian de la Fuente

Cristián de la Fuente, born March 10, 1974, in Santiago, Chile, is a Chilean television actor who has gone on to make a name for himself in U.S. film and television.


De la Fuente was spotted by a talent scout during his sophomore year as a civil engineering major at Santiago’s Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and won a contest as Chile’s next Super Teen.

Beginning with small network roles in primetime, De La Fuente quickly went on to star in four primetime dramas including Eclipse de Luna and the highly acclaimed televised theatrical production of La Tia de Carlos. De La Fuente starred in Chile’s number-one rated variety program Venga Conmigo, the comedy Mi Tio y Yo (My Uncle and Me) and the MTV-style music and dance program Generation 2000.


In 1998, De la Fuente was contracted by Sony and Telemundo for a drama series remake of Starsky and Hutch called Reyes y Rey. The weekly hour format did not catch on with hispanic viewers and it was soon cancelled. He was a guest star on Pensacola: Wings of Gold. He has also appeared regularly on CSI: Miami and Family Law. He has starred opposite Sylvester Stallone in Driven, in John Carpenter’s Vampires: Los Muertos with Jon Bon Jovi, as well as the independent thriller Minimal Knowledge.

De La Fuente’s hosting credits include MGM’s Road to the Oscars for Latin America and the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade. He has also presented at the Latin Billboard Awards, The World Music Awards and the Alma Awards.


In 2005, De La Fuente starred in the Venevisión’s Miami-made telenovela “Soñar No Cuesta Nada” and had appeared in popular American TV series such as “The Class”, “Ugly Betty”, and “CSI: Miami”, just to name a few. In 2007, he landed a role in the upcoming movie “Love and Virtue”.

He is fluent in both English and Spanish, carries a pilot’s license and is an officer in the Reserves for the Chilean Air Force.

Hollywood Actor – Kyle Brandon Lowder

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Hollywood Actor – Kyle Brandon Lowder

Kyle Brandon Lowder was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but his family moved to Pleasantville, New York in Westchester County when Kyle was six years old. Lowder excelled in both athletics and performing arts during his four years at Pleasantville High School. He was quarterback of the Pleasantville Panthers, All New York State in Track and Field in the 800-meter event, and still found time to star in many theatrical productions and participate in the All New York State Choir. Lowder had the honor of competing alongside athletes from all over the world in the International High School Track Championships.


During his senior year of high school, Kyle decided that performing arts was truly his passion over sports and was accepted into the prestigious Syracuse University Drama Department. After the first semester of his sophomore year, Kyle flew to Los Angeles to participate in a series of workshops and showcases for actors. The response from agents and managers was overwhelming, so much in fact that Kyle decided upon a leave of absence from college to stay in Los Angeles to follow his dream. “At first my parents were not that thrilled that I was putting school off for a while, but after only a few weeks being in Hollywood, I was booking jobs and having great meetings, but most importantly, I was able to support myself, so my parents came around.”


Lowder appeared in several national campaigns and runway shows for Abercrombie & Fitch and Speedo before landing the heavily anticipated role of Brady.

Lowder has two younger brothers; Travis attends the University of Colorado and youngest brother Cameron is a sophomore in high school. Kyle’s father, Craig, is the director of communications for IBM and his mother, Susan, teaches middle school.


In his spare time, Kyle enjoys working out, going to the beach, and is a self professed movie buff. A Virgo, he celebrates his birthday on August 27th.

Italian Actor – Carlucci Weyant

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Italian Actor – Carlucci Weyant

Carlucci Weyant, born October 4, 1983 in
Queens, New York, USA , from a family of Italian and Spanish roots, is an actor.


A loner in his early school years , he retreated within to tap in on his creative talent. While other kids were hanging out partying and contributing to juvenile delinquency, Carlucci was learning the art of his choice acting. He was discovered by his fifth grade literary teacher when asked him to perform a scene from Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry fin. He was amazed with Carl’s performance and urged him on an adventure that continues today.

As early as eight, it became apparent that Carl would grow up to be an entertainer. He developed skills in music. He studied to play guitar, percussions, flute and piano.

Carlucci a diehard Metallica fan dreams of the day he could be cast as a rock star. There is only one thing Carl loves more than his music and that is acting.


Carl was convinced by a peer to go out for the football team in highschool. Miraculously the 100lb athlete made the team. He was readily used for a practice dummy, until his sophomore year. Carl made up his mind that he would move up to first string. Over the summer he gained over 60lbs of solid muscle. He had become a contender in the weight room and could run the 40 yard dash in 4.4. Not only did he develop speed and strength, but also became a master at the game. Carl received scholarships for both his academic and athletic ability. From the look of things Pro football was his destiny, however a tragic hit injured his leg. Ending his Football career.

To most this would be looked at as a major setback but not to Carl. Carl found this to be the perfect opportunity to return to what he loves most: acting. Despite of all the success and popularity, Carl managed to maintain his pleasant humble personality.


All throughout his life his family was fully supportive even when he decided to drop out of college to pursue acting. They were there for him fully confident that he would succeed.

Upon his arrival to California, Carlucci on his fourth day was aimlessly walking around in Hollywood and was a victim of a drive by shooting. He was struck directly on his kneecap and would go undergo surgery for a month. Carlucci has also been a victim in a few unfortunate events once he came out of Physical Therapy. Many would have left but he stayed. With the push of his family and friends, nothing will bring Carlucci down.

At this point of his career Carlucci is now studying acting under the direction of Larry B. Scott and Robert Miano.

* All In (2006) …. Casino patron
* The Last Jew (2006) (post-production)
* The Longest Yard (2005) (uncredited) …. Football Player
* Grandpa’s Place (2004)