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DNA Magazine – Gregory Verdoes

DNA Magazine – Gregory Verdoes

DNA magazine is pushing the envelope more and more and issue #122 is jam-packed with so much beefcake, I don’t know if my server can handle it. Not only does this issue feature tall and dark Rishi Idnani (first two below) and blonde bombshell Jason (second two below) but cover boy – Gregory Verdoes (above) fills out the rest of this edition like you won’t believe.

Verdoes does have more of a boyish face than we like but there’s no denying that 22 year-old Scandinavian body or backside. I gotta find out when his birthday is because I need a good reason to slap that ass! Sorry, I’m getting carried away with myself.

Kudos to photographer Salvador Pozo for the stunning shots.

What do you think of DNA’s models for #122? Rate them below…. Which shot is your favorite? I put my fave at the “end”.

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Rishi Idnani – Model, “On Display Men”

Rishi Idnani – Model, “On Display Men”

Rishi Idnani, born February 18, 1988, in New York, is an American model of Indian descent.

Idnani attended Rennselaer school and majored in Accelerated Management Law.Idnani started his modeling career with “On Display Men” and is now working with New York City commercial and fitness agencies.

Idnani’s dream is to land a modeling campaign with either a major fashion or fitness company. He says that his fitness routine is 90% dieting and 10% exercise.

Idnani likes to go to lounges and clubs in his spare time. His interests include reading and being with his friends. However, he thinks of himself as very independent.

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