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Austin Drage

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Austin Drage

Austin Drage, born June 29, 1986 in Leytonstone, London, is an English singer, songwriter, and actor.


From an early age Drage has had a number of theatre, film and television credits to his name.

But it’s music that is Austin’s love, and 2006 will see Austin take to the road in a tour that has him once again lined up alongside music’s elite. With self-penned tracks: Happy Now and Out of my Head, a fresh look and a guitar to hand, Austin is ready to live his dream!


Drage has also appeared on the television show “Boys Will Be Girls”, which screened in the UK, and in Australia on Arena. The theme of the show was that three male singers were to form a girl band, by dressing and performing as women, in an attempt to fool the public. His filmography credits include “The Bill”, “Casualty” and “Snatch”.

He goes to Highams Park and Heathcote schools. His favorite foods are chicken and pasta. His hobbies are songwriting, singing, dj-ing, dancing and going to the gym


He shares his worst habit is, “I’m lazy, nothing will get me out of bed when i’m tired!” And when ask what he thinks of his best feature, he proudly says with a grin, “My muscles!”

British Actor Television Series – Ed Westwick

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British Actor Television Series – Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick, born June 27, 1987, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, is a British actor, best known for his role as Chuck Bass on the television series “Gossip Girl.”


Westwick’s first acting role came in 2006, when he appeared briefly in television series such as “Doctors” where he played Holden; “Casualty” where he played Johnny Cullin; and ” Afterlife” where he appeared as guest playing Darren. His film credits include ” Children of Men,” ” Breaking and Entering,” and ” Son of Rambow.”

Westwick attended Barclay School, Stevenage from 1998-2003, where he finished his schooling in Southern California. He received his acting training at the National Youth Theatre in London. Ed is also the singer in a band called The Filthy Youth, which consists of band members – Benjamin Lewis Allingham, Jimmy Wright, Tom Bastiani and John Vooght.


Westwick has worked behind-the-scenes on several films including “The Hills have Eyes Part 2” and “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” with friends. He also stars in his largest film role yet opposite Famke Janssen in the upcoming supernatural thriller “100 Feet.”

English Actor – Ed Speleers

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English Actor – Ed Speleers

Edward John “Ed” Speleers, born April 7, 1988, in Chichester, England, UK , is an English actor, who is known for the title role in Eragon, a big-screen version of a popular novel by author Christopher Paolini.


Prior to Eragon, Speleers had no acting experience beyond amateur school productions such as Peter Pan, Richard III, and Hamlet. He also did a short film by Charlie Bleakley, called Metropolis.

In 2006, Speleers landed his first major role when beat out 180,000 other applicants to win the title role in Eragon.


Speleers attended at Eastbourne College, a private boarding school located in East Sussex. He left school June 2006, before completing his A-Levels, to undertake the lead role in Eragon. He is currently working on new British soap opera Echo Beach, which will be broadcast in 2008.

While at school, Speleers wrote a play, Retribution, with his friend Rob Curran. Retribution investigated the subjects of child abuse and ped0philia.