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Portuguese Venezuelan Actor and Director – Gustavo “Gavo” Figueira

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Portuguese Venezuelan Actor and Director – Gustavo “Gavo” Figueira

Gustavo “Gâvo” Figueira, born October 17, 1980 in Portugal, is a is a Portuguese-Venezuelan actor and director.


Figueira started his acting career at the tender age of 17 in a minor part in the popular Venezuelan soap, “El Pais de las Mujeres”.

In the following years, Figueira starred in several minor roles in TV series such as “Hechizo de Amor”, “Trapos Intimos”, and “La Invasora”.

In 2002, Figueira made his feature film debut in “Amor en Concreto”. His performance in the movie secured him more jobs. He went on to sign in several successful movies such as “L´Mental”, “El Cuarto”, and “Os Olhos do Gato”, among others.


In addition, this talented actor also directs films on the side. Figueira has directed dozens of films and TV projects including “La sirenita urbana”, “Luna de Miel en la Baralt” and “Hoy es día de los inocentes y yo con mi karaoke”, just to name a few.

Brazilian Actor and Model – Caua Reymond

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Brazilian Actor and Model – Caua Reymond

Cauã Reymond (birth surname Marques), born May 20, 1980 in Rio de Janeiro, is a Brazilian actor and model.


Reymond began his career as a model at 8. Modeling took him all over world, where he would strut the elite runways of Milan, New York and Paris.

At 18, Reymond studied acting in New York and returned to Rio in 2001, when he was cast to play in his first acting role as Maurício in the TV soap opera, “Malhação.


Since “Malhação,” Reymond has starred in several successful soap operas such as “Da Cor do Pecado,” as Thor Sardina; “Como uma Onda,” as Floriano; and “Belissima,” as Mateus.

In 2007, Reymond is set to star in the upcoming soap opera, “Eterna Magia,” playing the role of Lucas.

Standing 6″ tall and an exotic face, Reymond confirmed having heritage from Swiss, Indians, Portuguese and northeast of Brazil (his grandfather came from Paraíba state).


In his spare time, Reymond enjoys extreme sports like surfing. He says he always finds plenty of time to hit the waves back home in Brazil.