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New York Actor- Peter Berg

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New York Actor- Peter Berg

Peter Berg was born on March 11, 1964 in Manhattan and raised in suburban Chappaqua, New York. Peter was exposed to theatre early in life by his parents, who often took him to Broadway shows.

Peter didn’t become interested in acting however until he attended college at Macalester in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he spent three winters working as a delivery boy for Domino’s Pizza, “The roads freeze up and give new meaning to 30 minutes or less” – Berg.

After his graduation from college, Berg moved to Los Angeles, where he took odd jobs ranging from production assistant to dock worker. Peter got his first ‘break’ when he was spotted by an agent while performing in a play. This landed him a guest starring role as Sawyer, on “21 Jump Street”.

As we all know, this was the beginning of a wonderful career, that ranges from acting to writing to directing and even producing.

Most fans know him for his portrayal of ‘Dr. Billy Kronk’ on CBS’ Chicago Hope. Peter joined the cast of the hit show midway through it’s first year. Prior to this though, David E. Kelly, the show’s producer, was taken by Peter’s performance in the sexy sleeper hit film “The Last Seduction” This performance is why Peter got the call to audition and why we were able to enjoy Dr. Kronk, the cocky, streetwise, part time hockey playing, surgeon who would go to all lengths to save a paitent, even using a chainsaw for an emergency amputation, this would be one of the events that would help to title him the ‘cowboy’ of the hospital. Peter not only starred on Hope, but he also directed and helped to write a few of the episodes.

This would help him further in his career as he would later go on to write and direct (and if you listen closely had a quick speaking part in the ER scene), “Very Bad Things” starring Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz. Also, “Wonderland” a show in which he wrote, directed and produced (and if you look closely had a small quick cameo in the pilot) which aired on ABC. Unfortunately the show was put on ‘hiatus’ after airing only two eps and then cancelled. “I literally had to laugh. I thought he was kidding.” (Speaking about the co-chairman of ABC, Stu Bloomberg – Noting that ABC pitted Wonderland against NBC’s phenomenally successful E.R.) “They’re telling me that the show could not find an audience after two episodes while it was being pitted against one of the most popular series in the history of television…It’s absurd” – Berg. Fans of the show and of Peter’s work, wrote in trying to save “Wonderland” and even boycotted by not watching any ABC programming, hoping that ABC would put “Wonderland” back on the air.

Peter told his parents when he was in highschool that he didn’t want to be “just another brick in the wall” I think we can all agree that he got what he wanted. His talents stand out far above many, he’s a man who pushes the envelope every chance he gets and he does things his way and doesn’t cave to others just becuase they don’t understand and or agree to his ways and I admire that!

Peter and Elizabeth Rogers divorced in 1997. He has since remarried and now has a baby son. Baby Berg was reported as 3 months old in February of 2000.