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Peruvian Actor – Ismael La Rosa

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Peruvian Actor – Ismael La Rosa

Ismael La Rosa, born March 16, 1977, in Lima, is a Peruvian actor.


La Rosa became famous in his native country with his first appearance on TV, a soup opera called “La Rica Vicky” in 1997. The producer wanted a new face for this production and choosing Ismael made the trick.

La Rosa liked the acting experience and started an education on that field, even though that meant to go against his father advice of continuing with his studies of Animal Science at the university.


Ten years later, his father is very proud and happy, since that decision allowed Ismael to become a recognized actor not only on his native Peru but all around the world, starring in a variety of productions that are being broadcasted all around Latin America, the United States and western Europe – the most recent being “Las dos caras de Ana.”

La Rosa is also a volunteer fireman when he is in Lima. He has been for more than 10 years.

Latin American Actor and Singer – Christian Meier

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Latin American Actor and Singer – Christian Meier

Christian Meier, born in Lima, Peru on June 23, 1970, is well-known in Peru as an actor and singer, and has achieved some notoriety in other Latin American countries.


He’s the youngest of four children (two brothers and two sisters) and son of Antonio Meier, businessman, and Gladys Zender, the only Peruvian miss Universe (in 1957).

When he was a boy he learned to play the piano and by the time he was 12 he joined in his first group with some friends. He went on to play the keyboard and sing in choirs, passing through several groups. At 17 he joined a new group with some new partners (Pedro Suarez-Vertiz between them) and “Arena Hash”, one of the most successful rock groups in Peru, had born. After he finished high school, he decided to pursue a career in publicity and in 1992 he majored as a graphic designer.


By the time his group was a huge success nationwide, he decided to try luck in drama and made his debut in 1993 via primetime show “El Angel Vengador: Caligula” (The Uncanny Avenger: Caligula), appearing for 4 minutes. Before that experience his band partners went their separate ways and so did he, starting a solo singing career.

In June 1994 he played the principal role in the soap opera “Gorrion” (Sparrow Boy) where he met a nice girl, his co-star: Marisol Aguirre. After the soap opera finished they got married and had a son, Stefano.

In 1996 he launched his first album “No me acuerdo quien fui” (I don’t remember who I was) and the single “Carreteras Mojadas” (Wet Highways) got the first positions in almost all radio station charts in Peru. At that time he was playing a role in the soap opera “Obsesion” (Obsession) with Gianella Neyra and Diego Bertie. The single was the opening theme of the show.


A year later Christian and his wife had a baby girl, Taira, and lived together until 1999. Their break-up hasn’t seemed to affect their friendship.

He is currently living in Bogotá.