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American Actor – Jonathan Jackson

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American Actor – Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson, born May 11, 1982
in Orlando, Florida, is an American actor, most famous as Lucky Spencer on General Hospital, a role he played from 1993 to 1999.


Jackson has starred in movies Camp Nowhere, Trapped in a Purple Haze, The Deep End of the Ocean, Tuck Everlasting, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Insomnia, and Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet.

He made multiple guest appearances in Boy Meets World during the 1997-98 season, as Cory and Topanga and company have become high-school seniors.


Jackson won three Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actor for his role as Lucky in 1995, 1998, and 1999. He was named one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People”.

Jackson comes from a tight family with strong spiritual beliefs. Although he has strongly held Christian beliefs, he does not let his strong spirituality decide his film roles, and has taken roles involving drug use, premarital sex, and other activities not in accord with his religion.


In addition to acting, Jonathan plays guitar and sings in a band with his brother, Richard. The band is called Enation, and they have released a few albums. The previous names of the band were Jono and the Rock, Scarlet River and Scarlet Road. Several of his songs were aired on General Hospital, the most memorable being his ballad “Elizabeth”.

Drama Actor – Ian Somerhalder

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Drama Actor – Ian Somerhalder

The son of a massage therapist and building contactor, Ian Somerhalder was born in the small town of Mandeville, Louisiana. Boating, swimming, fishing and training horses filled much of his time growing up, as did the drama club and performing with the local theatre group. At 16 he began pursuing acting professionally in New York, and by 19 he had committed himself to working with the prestigious acting coach, William Esper.


Somerhalder’s breakout opportunity came with the lead role on the series Young Americans. His other television credits include CSI, CSI: Miami, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Smallville.

On the big screen Somerhalder will next be seen in In Enemy Hands. He recently starred in Changing Hearts, The Rules of Attraction, and Anatomy of a Hate Crime. He also starred in Irwin Winkler’s feature, Life as a House. For this role, Somerhalder was honored by Movieline Magazine’s “Young Hollywood Awards,” receiving the Fresh New Face Award. Additionally, he was named one of People Magazine’s 50 Sexiest Men in the fall of 2002.


Somerhalder was the face of GUESS? Clothing and was featured in their fall campaigns for two years running. He has also worked on campaigns for prestigious designers such as Versace, Esprit and Persol, among many others.


Recently relocated to Los Angeles, Somerhalder spends much of his time writing, reading, producing and perfecting his craft.

Cuban Actor and Model – William Levy Gutierrez

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Cuban Actor and Model – William Levy Gutierrez

William Levy Gutierrez is a Cuban actor and model.


6-foot-tall Gutierrez arrived in Miami at the age of 15. He took part in the reality show “The Island of Temptation” made by Promofilm for Telemundo; from that time onwards, the actor has always been busy training and working in the Entertainment Industry. Later being signed on by one of the biggest and most influential publicity agents in the world. He travels abroad to tread the catwalk for large and important designer and publicity companies.

Gutierrez was the exclusive artist for the NBC network in Los Angeles for two years. Afterwards, he went to Puerto Rico to appear in a theatre production in which he was part of the last Clic of Ricardo Montaner “When You are By My Side”, recorded in Miami.


Gutierrez’s eagerness to work in the Latin market brought him back to the city of Miami, where he has taken part in three productions in a row for Venevision Productions, the channel for which he is now exclusive. He guest starred in TV series “Acorralada” and “Olvidarte jamás” and can currently be seen on “Mi Vida Eres Tu” every weekday on Univision.

Gutierrez was chosen in 2006 by the Spanish language edition of People Magazine as one of the sexiest bachelors. In March 2007, he appeared in his first English language film.

The great passion of this talented young man apart from acting, is baseball, a sport in which at one time he hoped to play professionally.


Surprisingly, when asked if he considers himself attractive, Gutierrez replied, “I do not know, it is now that I have come to believe that story, because people say I am beautiful. Actually, I do not consider myself beautiful, I am a normal guy.”