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Chinese-American Actor – Morgan Benoit

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Chinese-American Actor – Morgan Benoit

Morgan Benoit, born May 21, 1980 in Burlington , Vermont , USA, is a Chinese-American actor, best known for his role as Lupo in the Jet Li martial arts film, “The Forbidden Kingdom”. Benoit has been involved in the Chinese martial arts for 15 years. Following his passion, at age 18 he moved to China to study at the Beijing Sports University where he mastered Long Fist Kung Fu.


Once ascending to the top of his class in just a couple of yeas, Benoit was admitted to the prestigious Shi Cha Hai sports academy, former training grounds of Jet Li, and many of China’s top Olympic athletes. Never letting his love for training lag behind his early career development, while auditioning for and performing in various Chinese historical dramas, TV commercials, game shows and more, Benoit began training in gymnastics under private instruction at Shi Cha Hai. This led to his interest in doing film stunt work as he grew fond of the tumbling and feats of strength that martial arts stunts demanded.

Benoit also worked for Cique du Soleil. It was right after then that he split from them and began working on his film career. Benoit’s ability and enthusiasm was well-noted by Jackie Chan whom he worked with in The Forbidden Kingdom (2008), and also by David Carradine whom he worked with in Last Hour (2008).

Benoit was in high-demand as a martial arts actor in China , but after nearly 10 years away from his friends and family, he’s recently returned to the US to continue his acting and film career in LA.

Country music performer -Adam Gregory

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Country music performer -Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory, born July 12, 1985 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a country music performer.


Gregory’s first album “The Way I’m Made” was released in 2000 when he was only 14. The album earned Adam the Prairie Music Award for “Outstanding Country Music Recording,” in September 2001 and Adam won the Canadian Radio Music Award for “Best New Country Artist” for the first single from the album, “Horseshoes,” at the March, 2001 ceremonies during Canadian Music Week.

The Way I’m Made was also nominated for two Juno Awards and four Canadian Country Music Awards. The four singles from the album: “Horseshoes,” “Only Know I Do,” “No Vacancy,” and “Big Star,” were hits and all four videos that were made to accompany the singles were #1 at CMT. At the time of his sophomore release Workin’ On It, sales for Adam’s debut release went gold.


It has been a whirlwind for Gregory, but he has managed to stay grounded and focused. The Way I’m Made received a great deal of critical acclaim but also generated a burgeoning fan base. A sensitive young man, Adam will always stay long after his show is over to sign autographs, sometimes for as long as 3-4 hours. “I don’t like to leave until I have a chance to meet everyone. These people have come out to see me and give me their support, so I want to make sure everyone gets an autograph. I love doing that.”

But alongside his regular life, Gregory’s passion for music drives him. “Without music I’d be so lost. If I don’t sing for a long time, I feel as if I’m going into withdrawal –something’s missing. I need to be singing. It makes me a better person and inspires me to do better.”

Gregory received recognition as one of eight individuals worldwide nominated for the CMA Global Country Artist Award. This award recognized outstanding achievement by a Country Music artist who has furthered the popularity of Country Music, and brought attention to the genre in their foreign-based territory. Adam has definitely brought a lot of the young teenagers into listening to country music.


Gregory’s second album was released in 2002, and was titled “Workin’ On It.” Gregory is still recording, and his latest single is titled “Never Be Another.” Gregory is carried by the Sony Canadian record label. In 2005,Gregory was nominated for the Country Music Association’s Global Country Artist Award. In the summer of 2006, Adam released his self-titled third album containing his hit single “Get It On,” which was released by Mensa Records in association with Aquarius Records.

Aside from his music career, Gregory has also appeared in a Canadian film production entitled “Sharp as Marbles” as Albert which was filmed in Vancouver, BC.

American Actor – Mark Cameron Wystrach

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American Actor – Mark Cameron Wystrach

Mark Cameron Wystrach born on December 17, in Tucson, Arizona, is an American actor. He currently portrays the role of Nicholas Foxworth “Fox” Crane on the popular NBC soap opera Passions.


Wystrach took over the role from Justin Hartley, who departed Passions in February 2006.

The youngest of 6 children, Wystrach was born and raised on a working cattle ranch in southern Arizona where his parents also ran a popular local steakhouse. Among his siblings are his fraternal twin brother, Michael, and his sister, Alex Flannigan, a sports reporter for ESPN. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Wystrach set out to travel the world, living at various times in Spain, Costa Rica and Norway.


A gifted athlete, Wystrach enjoyed the nomadic life while surfing and performing as a street musician before settling in Southern California to study acting.

Wystrach currently lives in Los Angeles. He frequently surfs along the Southern California coast and travels whenever his schedule allows.