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Filipino Actor and Model – Mike Tan

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Filipino Actor and Model – Mike Tan

Mike Tan, born December 31, 1986 in Angono, Rizal, Philippines, is a Filipino actor and model.


Tan came to fame after he became the Ultimate Male Survivor in the second batch of the reality show “StarStruck,” the first reality-based talent search for teenager’s on Philippine television.

Soon after, Tan has starred in a number of television series such as ” Now and Forever: Mukha,” “Love to Love,” “Sugo,” and in 2007, he landed his big break as Choi in the top-rated soap opera in the Philippines, “Marimar,” a remake of the Mexican telenovela with the same title starring Thalia.


Aside from his acting career, Tan also models part time. He has appeared in commercials, editorial magazines and recently in the 2008 X-Ray Calendar Magazine alongside his group “The Studs.”

Korean Actor and Part Time Model – Kang Ji Seob

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Korean Actor and Part Time Model – Kang Ji Seob

Kang Ji Seob, born on February 6, 1981, is a Korean actor and part-time model.


Standing 6′-1″ and 175 pounds, Ji Seob, has only started acting a few years ago. He landed his first television role in the popular Korean TV series Love in Heaven (2005).


His hobbies include golf and swimming.

American Actor – Paul Logan

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American Actor – Paul Logan

Paul Logan, born October 15, 1973 in New Jersey, USA, is an American actor.

Logan was raised in Valley Cottage, New York. He graduated at SUNY Purchase College as a bio-chemistry major then moved to California to attend the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. With only 1000 chiropractic hours left, he took a leave of absence and took up acting full time.


6”1’ tall Logan landed his first acting role in the movie Blazing Force (1996) as Greko. Thereafter, he has appeared in a number of movies including The Vault, Curse of the Komodo, and Killers; and has starred in several hit TV shows such as Friends, Angel, and Days of our Lives, to name a few.

Aside from acting, Logan is a black belt in Okinawa Go-Ju-Ryu karate and also does modeling part time.

His hobbies include jet skiing, ice skating, rollerblading, rappelling, swimming, billiards, drumming and gymnastics.