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Most Talented Actor – Matt Cedeno

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Most Talented Actor – Matt Cedeno

Matt Cedeno’s unfailing down to earth inner qualities has always brought an additional shine to his disarmingly stunning looks. Three years in a row, he was nominated for an ALMA award as Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama for his work as Brandon Walker on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.” He was the only actor from NBC Daytime to be nominated each year.

Cedeno successfully played a young boxer in the feature film “Price of Glory” (Jimmy Smitts plays the same character years later) and he appeared in the highly successful, “The Suburbans” with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ben Stiller. Cedeno completed his fourth year on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” and continues to be one of the most popular actors on television evident from consistent media reque sts and the thousands of fans who turn out for his public appearances as well as his overwhelming volumes of fan mail!

Cedeno has hosted the NBC afternoon talk show “The Other Half” during their sweeps month and Ellen Degeneris enjoyed his company on her talk show promotion. Cedeno was also seen hosting the Miss All American Latina Pageant through Estylo Entertainment. The pageant is the only national pageant exclusively for college women of Hispanic/Latin decent between the ages of 18-26. Cedeno hosted this show in Spanish and English. Cedeno taught himself Spanish and his command of the language opens him up to more of the Latino media markets. CNN Espanol completed an entire interview with Cedeno in Spanish as did People En Espanol Magazine.


Cedeno is very involved with helping Padres Contra El Cancer which is an organization devoted to helping economically disadvantaged Latino families in Los Angeles County whose children have been diagnosed cancer, most of whom are terminal.

Born in Moses Lake,Washington, Cedeno, of Cuban, Irish/English descent, has always been active in sports and had an aspiring career towards pro football when a debilitating knee injury abruptly put an end to that particular career direction. Renewed inspiration came when Cedeno was approached on his college campus by an acting and modeling manager. Before the school semester ended, he was off to Italy on a modeling assignment for Versace. Cedeno continued to juggle academics and a modeling career in Milan, Spain, New York and Los Angeles. One year after moving to Los Angeles, Cedeno landed a strong theatrical agent and studied with some of the industry’s most respected acting coaches. He continues to study his acting techniques while working and he remains physically active, enjoying sports such as boxing, soccer, baseball, skiing.

Matt Cedeno is recognized by the Hollywood media as one of Hollywood’s hottest rising young stars.

American Actor – Timothy Adams

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American Actor – Timothy Adams

Timothy Adams plays Casey Mitchum, Sunset Beach’s all-American lifeguard who has a knack for saving damsel’s in distress. The middle child in a family of five from Harrison, New Jersey, Adams says he was a boisterous and energetic child.


Academically, Adams performed well in school, but he was often reprimanded for clowning around. Athletics proved to be his true passion, and he excelled in every sport he attempted. He later earned a B.S. in computer science at Jersey City State University. But after graduation, dreading a nine-to-five desk job, he opened his own trucking company with a friend. Four years later, he decided to take a shot at something he had always wanted to pursue: entertainment.


Adams began modeling and was soon signed by the internationally known Boss modeling agency, which eventually opened the door to an acting career. In his first television, he played Lt. Adam McIntyre on “Guiding Light.” He also played a German terrorist in Bruce Willis’ blockbuster film “Die Hard with a Vengeance,” and he has appeared on several sports programs on cable television.

Adams lives in Los Angeles. He is an advocate of physical fitness and healthy living. His birthday is August 4. From NBC Daytime