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Carl Ng Ka Lung – Male Model Hong Kong

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Carl Ng Ka Lung

– Male Model Hong Kong

Name: Carl Ng
Full name: Carl Ng Ka-Lung
Chinese Name: 吴嘉龙
Height: 183cm
Date of birth: 27 March 1976
Occupation: Model, Actor
Country: Hong Kong


Carl Ng was born in Hong Kong in 1976. He is half Chinese and half British. His father is comedy legend of the 80s and 90s, Richard Ng. His mother’s name is Susan. She used to be Bruce Lee’s hairstylist, who Carl jokingly says he is the love child of. Carl earned a BBA at Westminster University in the UK where he also studied drama at the Tony Grecos Acting Studio.

He became unsatisfied with the work he was getting in London saying he was limited to ethnic roles. Later he moved to Thailand where he earned a living as a scuba instructor. He then returned to Hong Kong where he was approached to do some modeling. With his chiseled good looks and witty charm, his career as a model took off, setting the stage for his break into the movie business. So far he has been seen in minor roles opting to audition for parts instead of riding on his famous father’s name.


Sausalito (2000)
Jiang Hu – the Triad Zone (2002)
Lemon Crush (UK 2002)
Naked Weapon (2002)
The Medallion (2003)
Colour of the Truth (2003)
Love Battlefield (2004)
Heat Team (2004)
New Police Story (2004)
Yesterday Once More (2004)
Colour Blossoms (2004)
Butterfly (2004)
Fear of Intimacy (2004)
Set to Kill (2005)
Legend of the Dragon (2005)
Midnight Running (2006)
Half Twin (2006)
Happy Birthday (2006)