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Mexican Actor – Diego Luna

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Mexican Actor – Diego Luna

Diego Luna, born December 29, 1979 in Mexico City, is a Mexican actor.


Diego Luna’s mother died in a car accident when he was only two years old. Luna was left to be raised by his father, Alejandro — renowned as one of Mexico’s most talented set designers. The draw of the entertainment industry (to which his father’s work had exposed him) proved irresistible for the talented aspiring actor. With his success in Alfonso Cuaron’s Y tu mamá también, international offers began to appear at his doorstep.

Luna remained in Mexico for a trio of films before accepting supporting roles in Frida and Vampires: Los Muertos in 2002. His status as an international star was confirmed when director Kevin Costner cast Luna in the 2003 Western Open Range.


Following high-profile roles in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and Criminal (both 2004) the young star stepped before the camera for Steven Spielberg for the 2004 drama The Terminal, which was inspired by the true-life tale of Iranian refugee Merhan Karimi Nasseri.

Luna is a childhood friend of Gael García Bernal, another Mexican actor and a stakeholder of the t-shirt company NaCo.

Mexican Model Turned Actor – Fernando Noriega

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Mexican Model Turned Actor – Fernando Noriega

Fernando Noriega, born in 1982, in Mexico, is a Mexican model-turned-actor.


Noriega started his career as a model at the age of 20, appearing in editorials and catalogues. By 2003, he signed on to appear in one episode of “Lo que callamos las mujeres” and his acting career started to take off ever since.

Noriega starred in such popular telenovelas as “Soñarás”, “Se busca un hombre”, and “Machos”.


In 2006, Noriega made his film debut in a minor role in the acclaimed comedy “Efectos secundarios.” By 2008, he secured his first leading role in the film “Más allá de mí.”

Singer and Actor – Eduardo Verastegui

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Singer and Actor – Eduardo Verastegui

EDUARDO VERASTEGUI is one of today’s fastest rising Latino stars. A singer and actor, the Mexican-born Verastegui was seen in Jennifer Lopez’s Ain’t It Funny video, directed by the late Herb Ritts. He currently is shooting an independent feature, My Gardener, with Carlos Ponce, in New Zealand.


As a member of the Latin American pop group Kairo, Verastegui recorded two albums and shot two accompanying music videos in Milan, Italy. Throughout a four-year tour, Kairo played sold out concerts throughout Latin America and the United States, establishing them as one of the most successful music groups in the Spanish speaking market.

Verastegui is well known for his roles in five soap operas as an exclusive artist for Televisa, the leading Latin American Telenovela network and production company. His novelas were seen in over 50 countries, and by over 10 million viewers in the United States. In addition, his soap operas achieved record-breaking ratings in major markets. In 1999, Verastegui was honored with the Eres Best Actor award.


In 2001, the actor-singer signed a recording contract as a solo artist with Universal Music Latino. The self-titled album, ‘Eduardo Verastegui,’ is currently selling in 19 countries including the United States. In February 2002, he received the prestigious ‘Best New Artist’ award for his debut solo album from one of the most renowned Latin music award shows, Univision Networks, 14th Annual ‘Premio Lo Nuestro.’


A native of Mexico, Eduardo currently divides his time between Miami and Los Angeles.