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Hot man teach you shave your chest

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Hot man teach you shave your chest

Chest hair should be maintained because it can become too long and too dense. When chest hair grows too long it can be troublesome and get tangled in clothing or even in zippers. Also, the thicker chest hair grows, the more heat it produces and the faster body odor starts to develop.

Shaving Do’s and Don’ts

* Reduce the length of the chest hair with a beard trimmer or hair clippers or scissors, but keep those blades off the skin itself.
* Wash the skin first with warm water so that the skin is very clean.
* Stand in the bathtub so you don’t make a mess.
* Use a new blade or new disposable razor. The sharper it is the less it will nick.
* Apply shaving gel before beginning the shave.
* Do a small section at a time.
* Use a light touch when shaving.
* Be careful when shaving the area around the nipples.
* Use witch-hazel instead of after-shave. Witch-hazel is much more inexpensive and will reduce razor-burn and help prevent the open pores from becoming infected or producing acne.
* After shaving, exfoliate your chest daily so you won’t get ingrown hairs.
* Don’t wash your skin with hot or cold water
* Don’t press against the skin with the razor

Benefits of Removing Chest Hair

* Chest muscles definition is more apparent.
* Less body odor

** If you decide to remove chest hair by waxing, avoid showering and making the hair wet prior to waxing. Hair absorbs the water which causes it to become soft and less likely to adhere well to the wax.

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Florida Fitness Man-Christian Fitt

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Florida Fitness Man-Christian Fitt

Michael Fitt got himself some serious competition — his younger brother, Christian, just started his own youtube page and is developing quite the following on his own. This hot muscle teen loves to work out in the front of the camera and show it off!

Christian Fitt

Male, 19 years old, Miami, Florida

If you would like to do TFP just let me know, your portfolio will speak for itself.
I’m available for paid assignments. I’m very dedicated and passionate when it comes to my career. If you’re interested, send Michael Fitt and he’ll schedule everything.









Handsome Man – Saulo Melo

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Handsome Man – Saulo Melo

I first bumped into Saulo Melo back in January during the shows at Fashion Rio. Then I was happy to see him gracing the pages of Out magazine for their swimsuit extravaganza shot in Rio. This week I found out that he was booked for the upcoming and much talked about Latin edition of Vanity Fair magazine, photographed in Rio by Mr. Testino. AND here are some exclusive behind the scenes pictures from the shoot.

Another boy from Terra – one of my most anticipated postings each month.  Just in time for summer (or winter in some places), things are heatin’ up with Saulo Melo, a 19 year old from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.  What I like so much about Terra’s pictures is that they are so natural – in lighting, in character, in feeling.  And Saulo couldn’t be more “real”… with the little scrapes on the knees, the tan line, etc.  Definitely another winner!  Be sure to check back for more pics and the “making of video”.

Saulo Melo is a hot male model from Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro. He is only 19 years old but look at that hard, beautiful male body. Can’t believe he is still 19 either. These images of him are from his Terra The Boy photoshoot. Hot white underwear and shirtless pics as always, only from Terra.