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Germany Model – Marco da Silva

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Germany Model – Marco da Silva

Marco Da Silva, born May 30, 1977, in Bremen, Germany, is a dancer and choreographer based in London, UK.


As a child, one could see that Da Silva was a born performer, always singing and dancing. He grew up in a musical family both mother Maria and father Luis were well known Portuguese Fado singers.

Da Silva was extremely outgoing as a child and it soon become obvious which path he would choose. His first encounter with dance was with a Portuguese Folkloric group, where here would spend seven years of his life. The group toured with great success all over Europe and a log of competitions and prizes were won.


It was not long before Da Silva was approached to dance in clubs and start to earn a living from his talent. He soon became in demand and as a result went on to travel Germany, Holland, Belgium to dance in the hottest clubs.

At this point, there was a remarkably turning point in his life. He was approached by a producer to record a cover of Richie Valens’ La Bamba; Things escalated at great speed and before he knew it, he had done a photoshoot in Madrid and shot the promo in Miami. The Song charted No. 1 in Russia.

Da Silva continued to dedicate his life and passion back to dance, where he still felt he had a lot to achieve. Still in pursuit of his dreams Marco began to travel to attend workshops taken by dances and choreographers to the very stars he aspired to.


Today, Da Silva now dances for well known international artists such as Mariah Carey, Kelie Minogue, Giri Haliwell, and is finally living his dreams.