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Body Slim – Men Respond to Body Slimming Better than Women

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Man Body Slim

Men Respond to Body Slimming Better than Women

Frustrated women often complain that, despite dieting and exercising at the same rate, they are not as successful in shedding off excess weight as their husbands. It seems that male physiology allows men to  lose weight almost effortlessly, while women often tend to maintain their current weight even when they eat healthy, cut down on calories, and work out regularly. Why is the nature so unfair?

Fortunately for guys, they are genetically predisposed to keeping their bodies slim and strong. Men respond quickly to calorie-reduced diets and body-building exercise largely due to their different hormonal profile and the dominance of fat-burning testosterone in relation to other hormones. In addition, men usually have a faster metabolism and a larger proportion of lean muscle mass, which allows them to burn dietary calories more efficiently.

Female physiology, on the other hand, makes women more prone to storing calories as fat. This is an evolutionary survival mechanism that is protected by high levels of the hormone estrogen and particularly designed to provide women with enough energy for pregnancy and lactation, even when the food supply is scarce. Studies show that female metabolic rate requires about 10 percent fewer calories to support vital body functions than that of males – and every morsel of excessive food consumed by women is stored on their thighs and buttocks!

Since men have more muscle mass in comparison with women, they react to an increased physical activity more effectively, being able to shed much more weight than women who exercise at the same rate. One large-scale study has demonstrated that men can lose weight through exercise alone, while women require a strict diet combined with vigorous exercise to achieve their weight-loss goals.

A faster metabolic rate often allows guys to eat high-calorie foods without gaining weight, while women tend to respond to a caloric load by quickly gaining additional pounds. Also, since women typically diet more often than their male counterparts and more often suffer from under active thyroid, their metabolism can be further damaged, resulting in yet faster weight gain.

even on a diet with a moderate amount of calories. Yo-yo dieting often makes the body enter “starvation mode”, when metabolism significantly slows down, muscle mass is reduced, and dietary calories end up in fat deposits instead of giving women quick energy.

However, male metabolic advantage in losing weight and maintaining lean and healthy bodies slowly subsides as men age, typically, after the age of 40. Women, too, frequently suffer from weight gain during their mid-life transition and after the menopause. Therefore, for both genders it is crucial to implement serious dietary changes in order to sustain healthy weight after the age of about 40. For instance, a 55 year-old woman should eat daily approximately 400 calories less than she did at the age of 20.

Another distinction between men and women is that they tend to store fat in different areas of the body. Women are genetically predisposed to gain inches around their thighs and buttocks, while men acquire a “spare tire” around their abdomen. Scientists suggest that, while “female-pattern” weight gain does not affect general health, abdominal fat typical for overweight men can represent a serious health threat and contribute to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, belly fat is easier to lose than frustrating female “curves”.

Recent research has shown that, when it comes to dropping pounds from the abdominal area, low-carbohydrate diets combined with moderate exercise are the most effective slimming method for men. Women, however, often do not respond positively to low-carb diets, such as Atkins’, but require a strict caloric reduction and a low-fat approach to dieting, plus vigorous aerobic exercise.

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