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Filipino Actor and Model – Luis Alandy

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Filipino Actor and Model – Luis Alandy

Luis Alandy, born February 7, 1980 in Manila, Philippines, is a Filipino actor and model.


Alandy completed an intensive course in computer at AMA Computer College-East Rizal (Philippines). He then studied psychology at San Sebastian College, but dropped out in his third year to try his luck in show business. “I love the hardships of acting,” Luis said when asked what attracted him to becoming an actor.

Standing 5’8″, and 150 lbs., Alandy started his career as a model. He first appeared in a print magazine and was soon discovered to do acting. He landed his first acting role in the popular TV series “Pangako sa ‘yo” (2000) as David.


He has appeared in several TV series in the Philippines, including “Sana’y wala ng wakas” (2003), “Vietnam Rose” (2005) and “Gulong ng palad” (2005) to name a few. He has recently starred in a number of box-office movies like Pacquiao: The Movie (2006) and Barcelona (2006).

Alandy buffed up his body for Bench underwear fashion shows, and for the musical revue “Penis Talks” (2004). He’s also a member of the all-male macho group Barako Boys.


His favorite food is grilled milkfish. He says he doesn’t drink soft drinks or any sugar-heavy drinks, including iced tea. His hobbies include playing basketball and going to the gym three times a week to maintain his build. “After lunch I meet up with my friends to watch movies or play basketball. At night I like to go out dancing as it’s a good way to release tension,” Luis said.

Mexican Model Turned Actor – Fernando Noriega

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Mexican Model Turned Actor – Fernando Noriega

Fernando Noriega, born in 1982, in Mexico, is a Mexican model-turned-actor.


Noriega started his career as a model at the age of 20, appearing in editorials and catalogues. By 2003, he signed on to appear in one episode of “Lo que callamos las mujeres” and his acting career started to take off ever since.

Noriega starred in such popular telenovelas as “Soñarás”, “Se busca un hombre”, and “Machos”.


In 2006, Noriega made his film debut in a minor role in the acclaimed comedy “Efectos secundarios.” By 2008, he secured his first leading role in the film “Más allá de mí.”

Mexican Actor – Salvador Zerboni

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Mexican Actor – Salvador Zerboni

Salvador Zerboni, born in May 3, in Mexico City, is a Mexican actor whose breakthrough role was Esteban in the TV series, “Machos.”

Zerboni entered the stage in 1998 and performed in “Stultiferamentis,” “La Cabeza de El,” and “Short Eyes.”

In 2000, Zerboni made his film debut in a small part in “Sangre Joven.” In the following years, he starred in several minor roles in TV series such as “Machos,” Lo Que Callamos las Mujeres,” and “Rebelbe.”

In 2006 and 2007, Zerboni slowly made a name for himself by appearing in two international movies, “The Air I Breathe,” opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar and the acclaimed comedy romance, “Cansada de besar sapos.”