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Mexican Actor – Mauricio Aspe

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Mexican Actor – Mauricio Aspe

Mauricio Aspe, born July 25, in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, is a Mexican actor.


Aspe started his career at the age of 6 as a child model. At 12, he quit modeling and was interested in acting. At 17, he entered the school of acting “Televisa”, where he met his first love (now wife) Margarita Magaña.


Aspe landed his first acting role in the telenovela “María la del Barrio” (1996) TV Series in the role of Aldo Armenteros. His co-star was the famous Mexican singer Thalia. His other acting credits include  “Las Dos caras de Ana”, “Mi vida eres tu (La voz del amor)” and “La Madrastra” to name a few.


Standing  6”2’ tall, Mauricio’s hobbies are skiing, browsing the Internet and watching movies.

Peruvian Actor – Ismael La Rosa

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Peruvian Actor – Ismael La Rosa

Ismael La Rosa, born March 16, 1977, in Lima, is a Peruvian actor.


La Rosa became famous in his native country with his first appearance on TV, a soup opera called “La Rica Vicky” in 1997. The producer wanted a new face for this production and choosing Ismael made the trick.

La Rosa liked the acting experience and started an education on that field, even though that meant to go against his father advice of continuing with his studies of Animal Science at the university.


Ten years later, his father is very proud and happy, since that decision allowed Ismael to become a recognized actor not only on his native Peru but all around the world, starring in a variety of productions that are being broadcasted all around Latin America, the United States and western Europe – the most recent being “Las dos caras de Ana.”

La Rosa is also a volunteer fireman when he is in Lima. He has been for more than 10 years.