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American Actor – Jake McDorman

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American Actor – Jake McDorman

Jake McDorman, born July 8, 1986, in Dallas, Texas, is an American actor.


After dropping out of the Boy Scouts of America to pursue his acting career, he booked his first job playing a Boy Scout in an industrial film about the importance of Scouting.

McDorman studied acting at the Dallas Young Actors Studio and attended Richardson High School in Texas. One of his first leading roles was in a church children’s musical called “The Amazing Scripture Memory Maze”.


In 2004, he starred in the TV series, Quintuplets, playing Parker Chase, one of the quintuplets. After the show ended, he starred in the film Echoes of Innocence and appeared in the film Aquamarine, where he plays a lifeguard falling in love with a mermaid. His other credits include a starring role in Bring It On: All or Nothing and a guest role in FOX’s TV series HOUSE.

McDorman has a younger sister, Morgan, and an older half-sister, Mandy.


On his spare time, McDorman loves to watch TV, go to the beach and read books. He admits he’s such a nerd. He’s oblivious to the way he looks and he looks for the good in people.