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Male Actor – Jacob Young

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Male Actor – Jacob Young

Whether or not his face is familiar and well known to countless “General Hospital” fans, Jacob Young’s music will come as a welcome surprise. Rakishly rockin’ yet instantly infectious, the sort of tunes that get you fired up for top-down free-wheeling, Jacob’s self-titled CD heralds the arrival of a spirited singer bound to turn the music scene on its ear. And if you don’t think a 21-year-old TV heartthrob, belongs in CD collections all across America, you’d better think again.


He nabbed a Daytime Emmy nomination for his work on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” yet music was actually Jacob’s first love. “When I was a kid, being in choirs and musicals were a way of life for me,” says Jacob, who grew up in the small town of Roy, Washington. Entering his teens during the Pacific Northwest’s sonic explosion of the 1990s was pivotal to Jacob’s musical development. “Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana,” he recounts somewhat reverently. “I remember first hearing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ in 8th grade.”

Jacob’s own music draws from the fount of rock ‘n’ roll but bursts with contemporary pop style that’s John Mellencamp meets Sublime. First single “Life Is Good,” inspired by the life and death of James Dean, rocks out with an unexpected Tex-Mex touch. “Let’s Get Lost” has all the excitement and energy of a drag race to blissful oblivion, while “Rock Me Steadily” one of Jacob’s personal favorites, is a breakneck speedy tale of perilous infatuation. Tempering Jacob’s rebel side are strong, un-sappy ballads like “8 Hour Love Story,” with its twinkly keyboards and wistful words, and “You Don’t Have to Be Alone,” with its’ graceful guitar and subtle strings. And whether rocking out or reaching out, Jacob’s sexy, slightly rough-around-the-edges voice delivers the goods.


“‘Rock Me Steadily’ is a song I wrote about girls/women for they’re very important in my life and I think it’s very flavorful. ‘Sleep Tonight’ is about having your 15 minutes of fame,” Jacob says. As to the album as a whole, he adds: “It’s all about the way of life.”

After his step-mother passed away when Jacob was 16, he briefly moved into a foster home, then headed for San Diego where his birth mother lived and put himself through private school by working at a local Denny’s. “I really had to become a man and take care of myself, but if it wasn’t for those life lessons, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Jacob says philosophically of those challenging times. “You can’t let outside influences affect you; you have to stay on the path that you choose. All I cared about was making sure that I’d do it one day at a time.”

Did he ever! After only three months of auditioning, Jacob landed a role on the daytime drama “The Bold and the Beautiful” at age 17. Despite long hours on the set, he kept working on music, writing songs on guitar and making demos. He made up his mind and asked his manager to get him a record contract. After exploring major label options, Jacob’s manager felt strongly about going with a respected music industry maverick and began negotiations with Artemis Records Chairman and CEO Danny Goldberg. He inked his deal with Artemis right around the time he started General Hospital. ” I knew it would be very demanding, doing the show by day and recording at night, but I enjoyed it,” he says. “If you really love what you’re doing, it’s got to be fun.”


Jacob Young’s forthcoming CD is a combination of his originals and collaborations with such established songwriters as Eric Lowen (Lowen & Navarro), Billy Steinberg (“Like a Virgin”) and Mark Hudson (Aerosmith). Produced by Steve Lironi (Baha Men, Black Grape, Hanson) with executive producer Steve Greenberg (Baha Men, Hanson), Jacob also worked with a host of cutting-edge and classic musicians to give the album its distinctive sound. “DJ Swamp put a lot of interesting samples on it, and Guy Pratt, he worked with Pink Floyd and some other bands back in the day, played some awesome guitar,” he says. “Sugar Merchant is a rapper who does a little flow on ‘Rock Me Steadily.’ It’s an honest this-guy’s-life kind of album that deals with temptations and tribulations, chasing after dreams and just kicking back, falling in love one minute and breaking free the next.” These are all things Jacob Young is dealing with himself right now, so it’s only natural that his CD sounds as fresh and real as it does. Yet with a twin-engine career going full throttle, a budding film career and certain Hollywood man-about-town status, it’s safe to agree with his debut single and say that for Jacob Young, life is good. Very good indeed.

Filipino Actor and Dancer – John Prats

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Filipino Actor and Dancer – John Prats

John Prats born February 14, 1984 in Manila, is a Filipino actor and dancer.


Prats started in Philippine show business at the tender age of 8 (in year 1992) as a child star in the now-defunct kiddie gag show “Ang TV”. In 1995, his first starring movie was the adventure film “Batang X”, where he played one of the superheroes. “I was just a kid and I thought I was just playing but later on I fell in love with my work”, he said as he’s ready to have some serious acting stints.

After all the kiddie roles, at 14, he was grouped in a trio and became the drummer of their band called “JCS”. They were able to release an album that later on turned Gold Record. After a couple of years, they were disbanded and Prats’ career in showbiz moved at light speed.


Soon enough, he became a Bench model/endorser and his face infected towering billboards with all his product endorsements. All modeling aside, John Prats will never allow acting to take second string in his life. His stint in the popular teen-oriented show “G-mik” in 1999 (he was 15 then), where he played the boy-next-door, his boyish charm opened a whole new avenue for being a young matinee idol.

Prats then starred in a series of teenybopper films and TV shows including: “Trip”, “Jologs”, “My First Romance” and “Berks”. This guy stands out from the crop of heartthrobs and promising actors. He was also into TV hosting in “Cyberkada”, “Coverstory with John Prats” and “ASAP”. John can very much hold his own with regard to talent.


Aside from acting, dancing has always been his passion. Through different musical variety shows, he was able to showcase his dancing prowess and eventually tagged as “The Prince of Dance” and “Dancefloor Dynamite”. After all his boy-next-door/leading man roles, at 21, he first played a gay role in the movie “Ako Legal Wife” where he garnered good reviews from all facets of the entertainment industry and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor on that. It was even followed with another gay-themed movie “Manay Po!” where he played a flamboyant gay.

Prats loves to tackle off-beat roles. Not drawing boundaries in substantial acting makes a good actor, according to him. He’s going through the motions to prove something to the industry and to himself.

“I’m always giving my best to entertain people, be it comedy or drama and its overwhelming to see people praise my work. It has always been a challenge for me, but as long as they want me to perform, I’m here to work for them.” Not to mention, he already finished his studies (he’s a Business Management graduate) while being under the kleig lights of the ‘biz. Being 14 years in the entertainment industry, growing up in the limelight has truly made showbiz Prats’ world.

Mexico’s Most Celebrated Films Actor – Gael Garcia Bernal

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Mexico’s Most Celebrated Films Actor – Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal was born on November 30, 1978 in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has starred in some of Mexico’s most celebrated films. Beginning two years ago with Amores Perros, then last year’s Y Tu Mama Tambien and El Crimen del Padre Amaro, he has come to represent Latin America’s new breed of filmmaking – daring, visceral, subtly political.


It was his debut as the working-class street thug in Oscar-nominated Amores Perros that first grabbed Hollywood’s attention. Like a Mexican Marlon Brando, Gracia Bernal transmits vulnerability beneath a bad-boy sexuality.

There is this internal complexity that he reflects in his eyes. He resembles River Phoenix; he has the same tenderness but also this sense of being on the edge. He has an ambivalence that is very interesting and that the camera loves. He is cinematic animal – a type of animal that is almost extinct.

But his path to stardom has been unusual, considering that his feature films have been small and – outside Mexico – foreign. If his luck holds and he continues to land the right roles, he could be on his way to becoming a new breed of international movie actor. His current project, The Motorcycle Diaries, for example, is British-financed, directed by a Brazilian, about an Argentine revolutionary, starring a Mexican, with dialogue in Spanish and developed by an American company.

Walter Salles, director of Motorcycle Diaries, said Gael Garcia Bernal has a sponge-like ability to soak up his surroundings. Some of this he has learned as an actor. Most of it follows from his sensitivity and natural curiostiy.


Gracia Bernal started acting as a one-year-old and spent most his teen years starring in soap operas. But just as he became a soap heartthrob, at age 19, he left Mexico’s television world to study acting at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

Unlike with many Hollywood stars, you get the sense that he is humbled by his success. He is embarrassed by his popularity. He says he pursued a career in acting to have fun.

He greets female fan with a kiss on the cheek and happily poses for pictures with them. One moment, he plays the naughty schoolboy; the next, he is as intense as a philosophy student. Right now, he’s tired. He has been filming and promoting movies nonstop for three years.


“I feel like a ping-pong,” he says. “I need to recharge my batteries.”

He was raised in nonconformist ways by somewhat bohemian, leftist parents who worked in theatre. His mother, Patricia Bernal, is an actress and former model. His father, Jose Angle Garcia, is a director.