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Danish Actor and Stuntman – David Owe

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Danish Actor and Stuntman – David Owe

David Owe, born December 2, 1977, in Denmark, is a Danish actor and stuntman.


Owe came from a family of actors: both of his parents are actors. He attended Statens Teaterskole for stuntmen at the age of 11. But by age 23, he decided to follow his parents footsteps.

Owe is best known for his role in the 2004 TV series “Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé” and for winning the finals in the dance competition “Vild” in 2005 with his partner Vickie Jo Ringgaard.


Owe has been working steadily ever since, starring in successful Danish TV series “2900 Happiness” and “Maj & Charlie” in 2008.

Filipino Actor and Model – Diether Ocampo

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Filipino Actor and Model – Diether Ocampo

Diether Ocampo, born July 19, 1976, is a Filipino actor and model.


He auditioned for ABS-CBN’s talent search in 1996. A year and a half later, he became one of the members of Star Circle Batch II. His first movie appearance was in ‘Calvento Files (1997)’ .

He also dabbles in photography and used to take up classical guitar lessons at the Yamaha School of Music. But all those activities have taken a backseat to his steadily rising show biz career.

The biggest trade-off of his career, however, is his education. Diether was a second year physical therapy student at De La Salle University in Dasmarinas, Cavite, when he was bitten by the show biz bug. It was his grandmother, who urged him to take up physical therapy. After all, he comes from a family of doctors. His last name is Pascual.


It was ABS-CBN Talent Center director Johnny Manahan, who advised him to use Ocampo, his mom’s maiden name. “I regret that I wasn’t able to finish college when I entered show biz,” says Diether. “But an opportunity like this comes only once.” The eldest child in a brood of three, Diether describes himself as a reluctant actor. He never imagined himself acting before the cameras.


When he was in college, he got interested in music. He formed a garage band with his campus friends and played alternative rock. But it took acting workshops with Peque Gallaga (film director) to hone Diether’s talent, before he became an actor. Today, Diether, is happy about the way his career is turning out. “Everything I planned to achieve, I was able to do in less than five years, which was the original timetable,” he says. He credits director Johnny Manahan and ABS-CBN for his flourishing career. He has also been handled by resident ABS-CBN directors “They were the ones who motivated me to take up acting seriously,” Diether says. His show biz earnings are apparently more than enough for him to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and provide a better life for his family.


To date, he has purchased a townhouse for his mom, who moved from Cavite to Quezon City, Philippines. He is also thinking about buying a bigger house for himself. “Four years ago, when I moved to this place, I thought the space was big enough for me,” Diether says. “But now, I find it so cramped because of the things I’ve been getting. Hopefully, I can get my own townhouse soon.” From TV, Diether has made a smooth transition to the movies. He has appeared in a number of big screen blockbusters in the Philippines.

Venezuelan Actor – Daniel Elbittar

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Venezuelan Actor – Daniel Elbittar

Daniel Elbittar, born April 30, in Caracas, is a Venezuelan actor.


Elbittar’s mother always told him that he’s an actor since he was born and will succeed as an actor. Her premonition came true when Elbittar accompanied his sister to do casting for “Así es la vida”. They auditioned him by chance and was signed on the spot. Soon after, he landed his first professional role, that of a series regular in 2001 as Alberto José in “Más que amor, frenesí”.

His acting career took off as he took roles in many more Venezuelan telenovelas such as “Enganada” in 2003, “Negra consentida” in 2004 and “Olvidarte jamás” in 2006 as Alejandro Montero.


In 2007, Elbittar landed one TV project to another, appearing in such popular series as “Seguro y urgente”, “Decisiones”, and recently, playing the role of Juan Pablo Alcántara in “Camaleona”.

If he could describe himself in three words, Elbittar would say fighter, romantic, and positive. He says his best quality is that he is always consistent and that he is much happy when he is surrounded by his family and friends.


His ultimate dream is to someday break into Hollywood but he knows that his destiny rests in his own hands so he is determined to work hard to break into the industry and make it big.

Outside acting, Elbittar loves to play basketball and make sushi.