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Sexy 40’s man – Dino Hillas

Dino Hillas : Who said 40’s something man isn’t sexy?

Dino Hillas, 49 years old, from Los Angeles. “Having been a fashion model in the late 70’s – 80’s, now, well into my 40’s and having competed, I would like to do more fitness modeling while I am in shape. Fitness magazines, editorial and of course a cover or two..again.”

Who said 40’s something man isn’t sexy?Check out Men’s Exercise Magazine, June 2008. There you see Dino Hillas, who was a fashion model in the late 70’s – 80’s, and now becomes fitness model.

If Frederik (our friend and co-contributor) sees his photo, he will scream at 100 decibel.

Canadian hunk-Steven

Canadian hunk-Steven

Canadian hunk, Steven, is a 22-year-old aspiring model from Halifax, Canada. He’s a new model, with limited experience. A workout buff, Steven is physically fit and just doing modeling for fun, working on expanding his portfolio and hopefully appear in fitness magazines. He stands 6′ 2″ at 170 lbs.

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