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American Actor – Matt Cohen

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American Actor – Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen, born September 28, 1982, in Miami, Florida, is an American actor.


Cohen grew up in South Florida where he played football and track in high school and also graduated with a 3.8 GPA. After high school he studied business at Florida State, where he also took some theatre classes. He then decided that he wanted to become an actor, so he moved out to LA and started to pursue his dream.

Cohen’s first TV role came in 2006, when guest starred in the popular TV series, “The O.C.”. In the same year, he landed his first major role in “South of Nowhere” as Aiden Dennison, about a family who moves from Ohio to Los Angeles, where they find themselves unprepared for the city’s fast pace. In 2007, he’s filming on his first movie role in the upcoming movie, “Boogeyman 2.”


Outside acting, Cohen enjoys boxing, racing, skydiving and anything involving a board. He confesses that he always carries a Men’s Fitness magazine. And his favorite food is Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Become Male Model – Zuhaib Ashfaq Khan

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Become Male Model – Zuhaib Ashfaq Khan








Name : Zuhaib Ashfaq Khan

Born in : Lisbon, Portugal

Nationality: Pakistani

Live Now : Bangkok, Thailand

Profession : MS leading to PhD. Student

Dream : To do passionate work as a model

Height : 182 cms

Complexion : Tan/Clear Skin

Eye Color : Black

Hair color : Black/Brown

Weight : 62 Kg

Favorite Food : Steak

Favorite Sport : Football

About Me : I m a jolly kind of guy. Love to help people and win their smile and happiness and in reward get a peace of Heart…

Quote : To live and innovate your life with STYLE!

Contact Info :


Cell No. : +66-(08)-6789-7617

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Brazil Hotman-Tiago Botega

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Brazil Hotman-Tiago Botega

Tiago Botega, is a raging stallion! He is very HOT! This 23-year-old, 6″2′ feet tall, 180 lbs. stud was born in Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. His favorite food is shrimp. He says he is sincere, and the prominent flaw in his character is his stubbornness. He is stubborn to the extent that he does what he is thinking of whatever it costs. During his spare time, he loves to play football. A dream trip for him would be to visit Las Vegas, USA.