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Actor and Model – Marc Menard

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Actor and Model – Marc Menard

Marc Andre Menard, born March 2, 1975, in Québec City, Québec, Canada, is an actor and model.

Born in Quebec City but grew up in  Montreal, Menard attended high school at a Jesuit academy where he says he developed his first love of acting:

“I actually began acting as a way to meet girls. I attended an all-boys private high school, and the only extra-curricular activity that included the neighboring girls’ schools was the Drama Club”.

Menard continued his studies at the collegiate level attending law school and graduating with a degree Business Administration, majoring in Marketing.


Soon after graduation, Menard was discovered by a Director casting for a lead in a music video. This led to a national ad campaign for Nautilus fitness, and thus began Menard’s modeling career.

Marc was soon after scouted by the top modeling agency in Milan, Italy. A few months later, Menard was walking the catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York. Traveling throughout the world, Menard’s modeling career brought him to Miami, Fl where he decided to settle down and focus on his acting career. There he landed the lead roles in two independent films and one year later was cast in the starring role of the internationally distributed American Telenovela Ocean Avenue.


Menard got his big break when he landed the role of Boyd Larraby in the long-running TV series All My Children. His other acting credits include: Watch Over Me; Totally Awesome (2006); John Tucker Must and House M.D.

Norwegian Actor and Model – Thor Knai

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Norwegian Actor and Model – Thor Knai

Thor Knai, born June 22, 1984 in Tromsø, Norway, is a Norwegian actor and model.


Knai came from well-off parents, his dad worked in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and his mom an entrepreneur. When he was three, they moved to Bærum, Oslo. While in school, Thor was involved in a variety of different activities like sports, martial arts, and role-playing which awoke his passion for acting.

When Knai was 15, his mother found a casting call in the newspaper for a mini-series that was to be shown on NRK, a national television network. He was then referred by the impressed director to attend more auditions including the lead in feature film “Lime, 2001”, although unsuccessfully. At this point in his life he had no real aspirations to become an actor. That happened later when he played lead in a high school cabaret which was awarded “Best high school cabaret of the year”, an award he accepted in front of fifteen hundred people on a well known stage in Oslo, the “Chateau Neuf”.


Knai went on to star in another successful cabaret, his own amateur short film, and did some modeling. He was also active in he live role-playing community and hosted and participated in many such events. Thor graduated Nesbru High School with an International Baccalaureate Diploma spring 2003, with the highest amount of extra curricular activity hours.

After finishing high school, Knai went on to join the Royal Norwegian Army for a mandatory year. He became Squad leader in a Storm platoon (mechanized infantry unit) in the 1st Armored Battalion. During this year he signed a contract to go on a NATO, ISAF7 (international security assistance force) peacekeeping mission to Kabul, Afghanistan. He subsequently served the tour of seven months as a combat medic.


After completing the tour in Afghanistan, Knai went on to pursue his dream and was admitted to the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios in Los Angeles for a one year acting conservatory program set to begin September 2005. During his brief stay in Norway before leaving for LA, Thor auditioned for, and got a part in a big Norwegian reality show called “Filmstjerne” (Moviestar) after out-performing thousands of other actors. Thor was eventually voted off the show by the judges just in time to make his planned departure to Hollywood. He graduated the program spring ’06 and went on to work on short films and minor parts in features like “He’s Such a Girl (2007)” and “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008).”

Currently Knai is pursuing his acting career and doing modeling work. His motto reflects his unrelenting drive to be the best in his endeavors: “To Have What Most People Never Have, You Must Do What Most People Never Do…”

Official Site: www.thorknai.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/realmofthor