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Mexican Actor – Luis Ernesto Franco

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Mexican Actor – Luis Ernesto Franco

Luis Ernesto Franco, born December 21, 1983, Tepic, Nayarit, is a Mexican actor.


Franco’s first TV appearance was in 2003 where he landed a small role in the TV series “La Hija del jardinero” playing the role of Orlando. A year later, he got his big break when he landed the role of Vladimir in the popular Mexican drama series, “Soñarás.” Soon after, he appeared in two more TV series “Campeones de la vida” as Valentín and “Top Models” as Tadeo.

In 2005, Franco landed his first film role in the movie Esperanza as Rene. He also starred in two more movies, “Pamela” and recently “El Garabato.”


In addition to his acting career, Franco is a successful model in his country. He has appeared in a number of TV commercials and print ads such as Coca Cola, Sprite, Domino’s Pizza and Doritos de Sabritas, to mention a few.

Franco stands 5′ 9″ tall and is fluent in Spanish and English.

Brazilian Actor and Model – Henri Castelli

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Brazilian Actor and Model – Henri Castelli

Henri Castelli, born February 10, 1978, in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, is a Brazilian actor and model.


Castelli’s first TV role came in 1998 on the mini series “Hilda Furacão” . Soon he’s appeared in numerous telenovelas including “Celebridade”, “Belissima” and “Esplendor” .

Castelli got his big break when he landed the role as Jorge Junqueira in the Award-winning drama series “”Como uma Onda”. His latest project was playing Estevao on “Cobras & Lagartos”.


Aside from acting, Castelli can be seen sulking in the pages of numerous magazines, modeling for various products and clothes in Brazil. He was also featured on a popular modeling site Paparazzo and also strutted the runways for big fashion shows.

German Actor – Simon-Paul Wagner

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German Actor – Simon-Paul Wagner

Simon-Paul Wagner, born November 13, 1984, in Berlin, is a German actor, best known for his role as Marlon Berger in the TV series, “Marienhof.”

Wagner has been acting since the tender age of 12. He made his TV debut in a minor part in the hospital drama series, “Hallo, Onkel Doc!”

In the following years, Wagner starred in several minor roles in TV series such as “Ich lass mich scheiden,” “Rosenheim-Cops, Die,” and “Tier hoch vier,” as well as in short film, “Jump!”, based on the issue of neo-Nazism about the life of violence-prone group of young neo-fascists.

In 2007, Wagner landed his biggest break when he starred as Marlong Berger in 14 episodes of the critically-acclaimed daily drama “Marienhof.”