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English Footballer, Model and Actor – Marc Crumpton

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English Footballer, Model and Actor – Marc Crumpton

Marc Crumpton, born in 1978 in Birmingham, is an English footballer, model and actor.


Prior to acting, Crumpton played for one of Birmingham’s Premiership football clubs, Aston Villa. He also models part time, appearing in a campaign for Pierre Cardin clothing company, which graced the pages of many magazines in England.

Crumpton was first discovered in 1998 when he appeared in the dating game show, Singled Out, as a presenter.


In 2007, Crumpton landed his first acting role as Trevor in the new movie “Redline”, about an auto action thriller that features the personal exotic car collection of the producer, real estate investor Daniel Sadek.

Venezuelan Actor and Model – Cristobal Lander

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Venezuelan Actor and Model – Cristobal Lander

Cristobal Lander, born June 8, in Caracas, is a Venezuelan actor and model, who became famous as the 2000 Mister Venezuela first finalist.


Lander’s first acting role came in 2006, when he landed a part in the TV series “Por Todo lo Altoo” playing the character of Rodolfo. A year later, he got another break when he landed the role in the Venezuelan TV series, “Sin Vergüenza.” He appeared in two more TV series “Qué Buena se Puso Lola” and a dating game show “Date con Todo.”


In addition to his acting career, Lander is a model. He has modeled for numerous TV commercials and print ad campaigns such as Coca Cola shown all over the world; Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, 7 Up, in Latin America; Cerveza Polar, Toyota, Dodge Neon in Venezuela, and Orange Crush in Chile, to mention a few.

Lander stands 6′ 1″ tall.