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Argentina Actor and Model – Rodrigo Guirao Diaz

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Argentina Actor and Model – Rodrigo Guirao Diaz

Rodrigo Guirao Diaz, born in 1980, in Argentina is an actor and model.

Diaz is a man of pure charisma with an irresistible smile who already knew he wanted to be an actor at the tender age of 13. He began to study theatre while he was in high school. Soon, he was discovered as a model and has appeared in print ads and magazines, including one for a calendar for Cosmopolitan.

Diaz’s initial reaction to modeling was not so optimistic, instead his aspiration was to be an actor. After a period of struggle, luck finally came to him when he landed his first acting job in 2005, on the TV series “La Niñera.” This then followed by more appearances in three popular TV series “Paraiso Rock”, “Media Falta” and “1/2 falta”. A year later, he landed a role in “Amas de casa desesperadas”.

Filipino Actor and Model – Polo Ravales

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Filipino Actor and Model – Polo Ravales

Polo Ravales, born June 27, 1982 in Manila, Philippines, is a Filipino actor and model.

Ravales’ first TV appearance came in 1995 as a guest in the Philippine teen show “TGIS”. A year later, he got a small role in the drama series “Anna Karenina” as Vincent. Then followed by a few more soap series, “Click”, “Ang Iibigin ay Ikaw”, and “Hanggang Kailan.”

In 2005, Ravales landed his first big role in the hit tele-fantasy series “Encantadia” as Hitano, which followed by another successful tele-fantasy series “Majika.” He played a brave warrior and then a scheming lover, ably displaying manliness and machismo that heated the television screens.


Moon, and most recently, Super Noypi, about six childhood friends discover that their parents are the legendary Super Noypi-the most powerful superheroes in the land.

Aside from his acting career, Ravales is also a model. He’s done print ad campaigns and TV commercials for Bench clothing, Ginebra, Coca-Cola, Colgate, and even made it to Cosmopolitan Philippines’ 2006 Hottest Bachelor List.


When asked what he wants to achieve in his career, Ravales replied, “I want to win the Best Actor Award.” He added that his goal in life is to have his own restaurant business someday.