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American model – Matthew “Jett” Schaefer

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Matthew “Jett” Schaefer

Matthew “Jett” Schaefer, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an American model, actor and pilot.


Schaefer grew up in the a suburb of Pittsburgh, where he attended public school as well as college and flight school.

Schaefer became interested in flying due to the influence of his father, who was an international pilot, flying Senior Captain for a major airline. He earned his Commercial Pilot’s license and also became a Certified Flight Instructor.


In 1996, Schaefer was discovered as a model by the late Gianni Versace himself while vacationing in Miami’s South Beach area. His first photo shoot was with Cindy Crawford. He later joined a model search in Chicago, where he was contacted in follow-up by 23 different agents, both domestic and international appearing runway shows and print work/campaigns for such great designers as “Armani,” “Versace,” “Calvin Klein,” and “Valentino.”

In 1999, Schaefer made his acting debut in a minor part in the movie “Swap Meet.” In the following years, he starred in several minor roles in movies such as “RE(e)volution,” “English as a Second Language”, “Idol,” as well as in the TV series, “The Man Show.”


During his spare time, Schaefer likes to surf, go to the beach and play volleyball. Sometimes, he just stays at home to clean, write or catch up on laundry.



United States Actor – Rick Yune

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United States Actor – Rick Yune

Rick Yune is a first-generation American; his parents came to the United States from Korea in 1972. He was born in Washington, DC ,and educated at the Wharton School of Business.

To raise cash for his studies, Rick tried several jobs and was persuaded to become a photographic model in his spare time. The modeling work escalated to such an extent that it became his principal source of income during his education years. Working with photographer Bruce Weber, he was the first Asian-American model to work for leading companies such as Versace and Polo Sport. He also filmed a commercial with Cindy Crawford.

His plan at the time was to go into finance, and after college he served for a time as a trader with an investment bank, handling millions of dollars every day. As much as he enjoyed the cut and thrust of international finance, however, it was never his intention of spending his entire life as a trader.

Maintaining contact with his model agency, Rick was asked to meet movie director Scott Hicks, who was about to make a film called Snow Falling on Cedars. Rick made his motion picture debut with that film in 1999. He went on to appear in The Fast and the Furious and The Fence before joining the cast of Die Another Day this year.

A keen athlete, Rick qualified for the Olympic Trials in Tae Kwon Do (a Korean martial art) when he was 19. He changed his last name from Yun to Yune for the Screen Actors Guild when he joined the acting profession.