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Actor and Model – Malvino Salvador

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Actor and Model – Malvino Salvador

Malvino Salvador, January 31, 1976, is an actor and model, best known for his role as Regins in the TV series “Sete Pecados”.


Salvador is perhaps known for acting mostly in telenovelas in his home country, Brazil. Prior to acting, he completed his degree in Computer Science. His first profession jobs was an assistant for theater director for Wolf Maia’s “Blue Jeans.”

In 2004, Salvador branched out into a professional acting career, first auditioning in the popular soap opera, “Cabocla”, and soon after appeared in three more soap operas, including “O Profeta” (2006) as Camilo , “Alma Gêmea” (2007) as Vitório and “Sete Pecados” (2007) as Régis Ninja.


Aside from his acting career, Salvador is also a model, appearing in numerous editorial shoots, featured in magazines, and was also a success on the fashion runways of Italy, France and Brazil.

Brazilian Actor and Model – Leandro Becker

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Brazilian Actor and Model – Leandro Becker

Leandro Becker, born in 1979 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a Brazilian actor and model.


Prior to becoming an actor/model, Leandro worked as an electrician and a barman.

Brazilian Actor – Kayky Brito

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Brazilian Actor – Kayky Brito

Kayky Brito (real name: Kayky Fernandes de Brito), born October 6, 1988, in São Paulo, Brazil, is a Brazilian actor.


Brito made his acting debut in 2003 in the soap opera “Chocolate com Pimenta” for which was nominated for Contigo’s supporting actor award. The following year, he won for Contigo’s most promising actor award, for his part in “O Beijo do Vampiro.”

Since then, Brito has landed numerous telenovela roles including “Três Irmãs,” “Chiquititas Brasil,” “Xuxa Abracadabra,” “A Diarista,” “Começar de Novo,” “Alma Gêmea,” “Cobras & Lagartos,” and “Sete Pecados” and also acted in a theater production of “A Ordem Natural das Coisas.”


Aside from acting, Brito also models on the side, appearing in TV commercials for “Carrefur” in 2004, “Havaianas” in 2006 and graced the pages of “Atrevida” magazine.