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American Musicians – Blake Shelton

American Musicians – Blake Shelton

Blake Tollison Shelton (born June 18, 1976, in Ada, Oklahoma is an American country music artist. In 2001, the performance debut with the single “Austin”.
Released as a lead-off single from his debut album, “Austin” spent five weeks in a lot of Number One in the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.
This song is the first single from the debut album of gold-bersertifikat, who also produced two more Top 20 hits.
Although this album was released on Giant Records Nashville, Shelton moved to Warner Bros. Records Nashville after Giant closed at the end of 2001.

Music Career

Shelton appear at City of Crawford Fair in August 2005 letter Wiki w.svg Division requires the development of:

After several years in Nashville, he goes to Giant Records in 1998. In 2001, it is scheduled to publish the song titled “I Want to Chat About Me” as a single.

Staff at the label are considered not suitable for lead-off track single, however, and the song was eventually recorded by Toby Keith, which is a version of Number One hit.

Instead, Giant released “Austin” the debut single by Shelton. Shortly after release, but Giant Records was dissolved, and Shelton moved to Warner Bros., the parent company. “Austin” spent five weeks in a lot of Number One in the Billboard Hot Country salatiga & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts.

The song is a single from his debut album, which also resulted in # 18-top “All Over Me” (which Shelton co-wrote with fellow country artist Earl Thomas Conley) and # 14-top of the “Ol ‘Red”, which The second song is a cover version of George Jones.

While Shelton is not a rendition of hit radio, it is considered that song signed, and has become popular in the Blake Shelton concert. Certified gold by the RIAA

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