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American Actor – Michael Stahl-David

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American Actor – Michael Stahl-David

Michael Stahl-David, born in 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, is an American actor, perhaps best known for his television role as Sean Donnelly on “The Black Donnellys” and the lead role in the 2008 hit monster/horror film “Cloverfield.”


The son of physicians, Stahl-David graduated from Columbia College in Chicago, IL. with the intent of following his parents footsteps but then realized he wanted to be an actor when he joined a theater club.

Stahl-David made his acting debut in 2001, when he played a minor role of Rossetti in New Port South. Later in 2003, he also played a minor role as Craig in Uncle Nino.

Stahl-David began his television acting career in 2007, when he made a guest appearance as Riordan Grady in the series, Law & Order: Criminal Intent: episode “Players”. Later in that year of 2007, David portrayed Sean Donnelly, one of the four Irish brothers, in the short-lived series The Black Donnellys.


Finally in 2008, Stahl-David landed his breakthrough role when he secured the lead role in the hit horror film “Cloverfield” for Paramount Pictures.

Prior to his acting success, Stahl-David was a well known graffiti artist in Chicago.

American Film and Television Actor – Jonathan Tucker

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American Film and Television Actor – Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Moss Tucker, born May 31, 1982 in Boston, Massachusetts, is an American film and television actor.


Tucker was raised in Boston’s Irish neighborhood of Charlestown and attended the Park School in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Tucker started acting in the mid 1990s. He attended the Boston Ballet and played ‘Fritz’ in their production of The Nutcracker when he was in third grade. He was also featured in a Boston Ballet calendar and attended the Thacher School in Ojai, California, graduating in 2001.


Tucker’s first major on-screen appearance came in 1999,

Fans also know him well from the TV screens, such as the series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2003),” “Six Feet Under (2004),” and “The Black Donnellys (2007).”