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American Actor – Matt Battaglia

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American Actor – Matt Battaglia

Matt Battaglia, born September 25, 1965 in Tallahassee, Florida, is an American actor.


Battaglia is one of Hollywood’s brightest talents with a successful career in film and television, starring in ten motion pictures, seven network pilots, and appearing as a guest star in over 40 television shows.

Some of his film credits include the Sony Studios/Franchise Pictures action packed film HALF PAST DEAD with Steven Segal, Morris Chestnut and rap artist JaRule. Other notable feature credits include Matt replacing Jean Claude Van Damme as the lead role in the action movies UNIVERSAL SOLDIER II & III — with Academy Award nominee Burt Reynolds and Gary Busey. Also, KISS OF A STRANGER with Mariel Hemingway and Dyan Cannon, PENDULUM with Rachael Hunter and RAVEN with Burt Reynolds as his co-star.


Matt has been extremely successful in the television world as well. He is often remembered for his memorable role as the fireman Vince, a boyfriend of Lisa Kudrow’s character on NBCs hit sitcom Friends. Other notable guest stars include 3rd Rock from the Sun, Queer as Folk, Baywatch and Coach to name a few.

A former All-American middle linebacker from the University of Louisville, Matt lead the nation in tackles his senior year and was voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates and coaches. Matt went on to play in the N.F.L. Two years later, his career ended abruptly after a major neck and shoulder injury. He returned to school, graduating from the University of Louisville with a degree in Business. It was shortly thereafter that Matt turned his energy and focus to pursue a career in acting and screenwriting.


Battaglia is an extremely successful philanthropist and co-founded The Mint Jubilee, an annual celebrity driven charity event which takes place at the Kentucky Derby benefiting cancer patients. He became involved in cancer advocacy following the death of his mother from the disease.

American Actor and Musician – Jeremy Jackson

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American Actor and Musician – Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson is an American actor and musician who was born on October 16, 1980 in Newport Beach, California.


His most famous role was in Baywatch as Hobie Buchannon (seasons 2-9, 1991-1999) and in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003) also as Hobie.

He and his little sister Taylor was raised by their mother Jolanna who is a single parent. Jeremy had a learning problem with an eye disorder called dyslexia, but it was caught very early and was quickly addressed. While in first grade, he saw words backward and that was the way he wrote them. No one could understand what he wrote unless they held his documents up to a mirror. While most children would get frustrated and lose a lot of confidence, Jeremy didn’t seem bothered by the condition. He simply turned it into a positive. He has worked hard in summer school and now writes normally. Exceptionally bright, he was like a sponge, learning and memorizing fast. Reading and memorizing lines on ‘Baywatch’ has helped Jeremy with the disorder.


Jeremy was one of those luminous, active children who seemed to be born for show business. He loved dressing up in different getups and putting on little shows in front of his family and friends, doing impersonations of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Jeremy would do this to command attention. Many of his Mother’s friends would tell her that he was extremely talented and should submit his photo to a talent agent. Realizing that they were right and couldn’t deny her son’s talent, she asked him if he wanted to be on television. His ‘yes’ was immediate and Jolanna was soon getting an agent when he was six years old. Sent out on auditions, Jeremy landed his first commercial after his third try. His first assignment at age 7 was a commercial for Mattel cars.

He went on to do other commercials and had a seven-episode run on the daytime soap ‘Santa Barbara.’ His TV credits for guest appearances include ‘Totally Hidden Video,’ ‘The Wonder Years,’ and ‘Thunder Alley.’ Feature film credits include ‘Shout’ (with John Travolta), and ‘The Balkin Trail’ (with David Hasselhoff and Sally Kirkland).

Jeremy was then sent on to audition for ‘Baywatch.’ He was up against and beat out many other little actors that wanted the role of Hobie Buchannon. He had to audition more than once to get the role. After Jeremy’s third audition for the role, David Hasselhoff pointed him out as ‘this is the kid’ he wanted. He was animated, cute and adorable. He seemed suited for the part as Jeremy had noted that he was a lot like Hobie Buchannon. He was 10 years old when he started on the show, ‘Baywatch’s’ second season. He has seen many of the show’s stars come and go and has been close with many. Joining the cast, Jeremy did not have to attend regular school since fourth grade. He had a private tutor, and did his schoolwork there on the beach. He did surfing for gym class.


David Hasselhoff has been like a Father figure. They have a very close bond and hang out together. Hasselhoff has also helped Jeremy with his acting and rehearsed scripts with him in his trailer. Since Jeremy memorized fast, he would go over any given script twice and would know it. He also had the big brother images in the actors that have been on the show as Billy Warlock, Kelly Slater, David Charvet and David Chokachi. He was very close to Kelly Slater. Kelly took him surfing on Huntington Beach. Kelly taught Jeremy how to surf very well in the beginning before he had to leave for surfing competitions. Jeremy was also close to Pamela Lee and her brother Gerry (he was around a lot during the filming of the show) and Alexandra Paul.

In 1992, he has traveled to England getting past crowds of screaming teenaged girls wanting an autograph, to accept the coveted SOS award (like the ‘People’s Choice Award’) for ‘Best Newcomer.’ His Mother Jolanna has done a wonderful job in keeping Jeremy from getting over-exposed and for the fact that he leads a normal life. He remains unaffected by his popularity.

While Jeremy is a star in the United States complete with overwhelming fan mail, he is a pop star in Europe as well. He has been a recording artist since 12, and has recorded his first album for David Hasselhoff’s record label ‘Hasselhits’ at 13. A single ‘You Can Run’ (can also be seen in the episode ‘Livin’ on the Fault Line,’ Part 1/5th season 1993-1994) from the album was #4 in Holland, followed by his second top ten hit single, ‘French Kiss.’ He has toured Europe, where he has played for sold out crowds across the continent. Jeremy opened for Hasselhoff’s concerts in four major cities. His 1997 video ‘You Really Got It Going On’ shows off his excellent dance ability.

Jeremy serves as a Junior Lifeguard and is active in his community church in Newport Beach. He is an avid swimmer and is a strong supporter of teen fitness. Jeremy works out three times a week. Jeremy is studying for his Black Belt in Martial Arts.


Jeremy has made an appearance in the star studded 1997 ‘KTLA Christmas Parade’ (December 1st). He has also appeared on the 1997 November/December cover of ‘Porthole’ magazine with other cast mates (Hasselhoff, Nolin, Chokachi, D’Errico and Electra) with an article emphasizing on the big two part-wedding episode set in Alaska.

Jeremy plans to finish High School and go to College. He also plans to continue his career as an entertainer, acting in the US while singing and touring in Europe. The ‘Baywatch’ schedule seems perfect for this plan as the show starts shooting mostly during the Summer months and usually finishes in October.

Honolulu Actor – Jason Momoa

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Honolulu Actor – Jason Momoa

A model and actor, Jason Momoa was born in Honolulu but soon moved to Norwalk, Iowa where his mother raised him. Like his character in Baywatch, Jason longed to learn about his Hawaiian roots and returned to the islands to attend college. It wasn’t long before international designer Takeo discovered the 6’4,” green-eyed actor and launched his modeling career.
Last year, Jason won the 1999, “Hawaii’s Model of the Year,” participated in the prestigious “Governor’s Fashion Show,” and walked the runway for Louis Vuitton I Hawaii. He also hosted the 1999 “Miss Teen Hawaii USA” contest.


His passion for adventure took Jason to the top of Fountain Bleu France. An avid rock climber, the Fountain Bleu was a challenge that Jason conquered head on. A natural athlete, Jason enjoys ice climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, long board skateboarding and roller hockey. He also has a love for the arts, culture and spirituality. He dabbled in pastel painting in Paris and traveled to Tibet this year, where he deepened his spiritual knowledge of the Buddhist teachings.
When not on the set of “Baywatch Hawai’i” or climbing the most exhilarating mountains or meditating to gain inner strength, Jason can be found supporting many charities and community groups. He promotes hunger awareness by working for the Hawaii Food Bank campaign and speaking to students at various schools. Jason believes he is blessed by strong family values and enjoys sharing his experiences, especially with the youth of today.

LIFE’S A BEACH Jason’s a newcomer to the spotlight and definitely one to watch (not that he’s hard to look at!) He plays “Jason” (we know, quite a stretch) one of the lead cast members, on Baywatch Hawaii. Even Jason admits he’s a lucky guy and not just because he spends his days tanning in the Pacific Sun. “I never did the struggling actor thing, never did drama in high school. I never read plays, but now I can’t get enough of it.” Funny, we can’t get enough of him!


SWIMS WITH FISHES Jason always knew he would spend his days by the ocean, but he thought he would be studying it, not frolicking in it (the surfer dude planned on being a marine biologist). So, just how did this Hawaiian hottie end up in front of the camera? “I went to Hawaii to hang out with my father and uncle (famed surfer Brian Keaulana) on the set of the film “In God’s Hands” when I met my managers.” The managers sent him off to do runway modeling for Louis Vuitton, but had him back in Hawaii when Baywatch came to town. “I kept trying out for a month and then got the job the day I was supposed to leave.”

PARADISE FOUND After spending a year in the Hollywood limelight, introspective Jason needed a break from his newfound fame. “In my off-season, my managers took me to Tibet.” The trip was quite meaningful for the actor, who happens to be studying Buddhism, a philosophy for which he has the utmost respect. “Tibet is serene, amazing, the people are so beautiful. They have nothing (materially) and they’re so happy– it kinda puts everything in check. It was a great experience, probably my best life experience.” Next on his travel calendar is a trip to the Swiss Alps and then he’s off to France for what he refers to as “the Mecca of climbing,” followed by time spending some time with Mom in Paris (how sweet!)
SHE’S ALL THAT Although he’s taken at the moment, Jason does have opinions about what makes a girl shine. What qualities does he find irresistible? “Honesty, humor and spontaneity.” An ideal date for Mr. Washboard Abs is “to go out to a nice dinner, have good conversation and maybe go to a movie.”


EXTREME JASON In addition to surfing, kayaking, snowboarding and camping, Jason’s obsessed with a dangerous sport. “I went to Canada to do some mountaineering & discovered ice climbing.” Always up for a challenge, he’s quite confident about his new passion saying that he likes the fact that it’s a “real mental game.”

PICTURE PERFECT This isn’t Jason’s first experience with Teen magazine. “When I was thirteen, a girl in my neighborhood sent my picture into Teen for their GUY OF THE YEAR contest.” Surprise! Jason was picked and profiled in the mag. “I got beat up all through high school ’cause of that.”