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Men’s military fashion trend 2010

Men’s military fashion trend 2010

Military remains in fashion for both men and women in Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010. But just as this trend has changed for women, so too has it evolved for men. And in exactly the same way. Taking more inspiration from early 20th Century military conflicts, the look takes in both army and air force motifs, with nautical trailing a distant third (that’s relegated more to a preppy trend). Read up on the men’s military clothing trend including details on key looks, pieces and compatible trends.

For King and Country

The men’s military fashion trend is nothing new to us. Revived in 2008/2009 as part of a larger 1980s revival it had, to date, the flamboyant style popularised by the likes of Adam Ant. Not so for Autumn (Fall) / 2010. Ant, in turn, had taken his inspiration from a time when the European superpowers were at their peak, and military uniforms were less about functionality and more about how grand your country was.

The 1980s fashion revival is, however, on the wane. A new decade calls for a new swatch, and the focus on subtlety and quality that I hope will shape the next decade of men’s fashion will see the men’s military trend evolve in 2010 to be far more articulate.

So if the inspiration no longer comes from the 1980s, then when? The Second World War. An era of rationing, clean cuts, functionality, and, of course, the dapper gentleman off to fight for King and Country.

Key Pieces

If you intend to indulge in the 2010 / 2011 interpretation of the men’s military fashion trend there are two key pieces you’ll need:

  1. A greatcoat. Colour choices here sit strongest with Army green and Navy / Air Force navy hues. The greatcoat can be single or double-breasted, and should be detailed with brass buttons. For genuine authenticity, find some antique buttons on eBay and pull out a needle and thread, or simply purchase a vintage piece and have the cut altered accordingly. Further, the greatcoat can be belted or unbelted: it needs only to have a fitted waist.
  2. Aviator boots with shearling

It’s worth nothing that shearling can also be applied to the collar of a greatcoat or an aviator jacket, particularly if you’re trending towards the fighter ace look. Be cautious about moving into the realm of costuming however: being on trend doesn’t translate to looking like you’re off to a fancy dress party dressed as the Red Baron.

Other Trends To Wear It With

One of the great things about this trend is that it is made to be functional; after all, it comes from a era when people could frequently be heard to say “there’s a war on!” Thus the trend can be worn with many a toned down piece, particularly darker colours. As an example, in the trouser department look for solid coloured pants or darker denim. For a touch of flair, look for shiny trousers.

For greatest effect be sure to turn to either of the key 2010 men’s hairstyles: the classic part or the fringe. While the fringe adds a very youthful quality to the look, I’d recommend choosing between the two based solely on what suits your facial shape and hair.

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Actor(Super Rockie)Oh Ji-ho

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Actor(Super Rockie)Oh Ji-ho

Oh Ji-ho, born April 1, 1976, in Chun Nam Region, is a South Korean actor.


Ji-ho completed his education at Anyang University. It was not long for him to receive his first role. In fact, he received his first job after his very first audition and in 1998, he debuted in his first movie Kka. His other movie credits include: Love Trilogy (2004); Silver Knife (2003); I Love You (2001) and La Belle (2000).


Ji-ho has also appeared in many successful TV series: Thanks Life (KBS, 2006); Autumn Shower (MBC, 2005); Super Rookie (MBC, 2005), and Second Proposal (KBS, 2004), to mention a few. In 2004, he won Best Supporting Actor for KBS Drama Award.


Ji-ho stands 6’0″ and weighs 165lbs. His hobbies include jet surfing, waterskiing, swimming, music, Tae Kwon Do, movies, and basketball.

English Actor and Former Child Pop Star – Calvin Goldspink

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English Actor and Former Child Pop Star – Calvin Goldspink

Calvin Goldspink, born January 24, 1989 in Scotland, UK, is an English actor and former child pop star.


Goldspink first came to notice as a member of the juvenile manufactured pop group S Club Juniors (the group changed its name to S Club 8 after S Club 7 split up). After being born in Great Yarmouth, he moved with his family to Aberdeen. For three years running, Goldspink won the Popjustice readers’ poll award for “Most Inappropriately Fanciable Popstar.” He attended Cults Academy in Aberdeen.

When Goldspink was 12 he auditioned for a kids version of a British pop group. The group was called S Club Juniors (later known as S Club 8). They had three successful albums, two European tours, and a successful childrens drama, “I Dream,” which was filmed in Spain.


After the group broke up, Goldspink moved to LA where he was spotted at Speech Level Singing Camp by a lady who is now his manager. He soon snagged a lead in the CW drama “Life is Wild” playing the part of Oliver Banks after his manager told him to go to audtions during pilot season when he had time off from recording his first solo album. The show has now been picked up and airs on Sundays at 8 pm in Autumn 2007 in the United States.