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Australian Actor – Mark Furze

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Australian Actor – Mark Furze

Mark Furze, born May 7, 1986, is an Australian actor who is best known for his role as Eric “Ric” Dalby on the popular soap opera Home and Away.


Furze has starred in several productions by the Orange Theatre Company, including Oliver!, where he played the lead role at the age of ten.

His first TV role was in the children’s television program Outriders and also in a film called “Balmain Boys”. At the age of 15, Furze had found himself an agent and landed a role in Water Rats.

Furze got his big break in 2004 when he landed the role of Eric Daldy in the popular Australian series, “Home and Away.”


“My agent told me about the role on Home and Away, and I read the character and really liked him, and wanted to go for it. I had never played a baddie, so it was a new experience for me,” he says.

Furze’s main interests include acting (which he is studying for his HSC), music and sport. He is currently involved in two bands, one, which he started, is a heavy metal 80’s band in which he plays guitar, and the other a punk band. His musical tastes vary and he will listen to everything but mainly heavy metal like AC/DC. He admires actor Brad Pitt because of the different roles and for his film choices.


When he isn’t playing guitar or learning lines for Home and Away, Mark likes to skateboard and play soccer.

Australian Actor – Lachlan Buchanan

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Australian Actor – Lachlan Buchanan

Lachlan Buchanan, born April 25, 1987 in Australia, is an Australian actor.


Lachlan started his young career performing mostly in TV guest roles, short films and television commercials.

In 2008, Lachlan finally got his big break when he landed his first lead role in the feature film “Newcastle”, directed by Dan Castle, a coming-of-age family drama. He plays Jesse, a talented surfer, who is saddled with a belligerent older half-brother, a former surfing star; and a younger gay brother, who causes him constant embarrassment. The movie was well-received by the critics where he received raves for his portrayal of Jesse.


During his spare time, Lachlan loves to hang out with his friends, listen to his iPod and play his favorite sport which is surfing.

Australian Actor – Lincoln Lewis

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Australian Actor – Lincoln Lewis

Lincoln Lewis, born October 24, 1987, in Brisbane, Queensland, is an Australian actor, best known for his role as Geoff Campbell in the soap opera “Home and Away.”


Lewis is the son of Wally Lewis, a former champion Australian rugby league football player and current Nine Network Sports Presenter.

Lincoln has had a career that by far belies his age. A professional actor since the tender age of 13, he has already starred in two big-budget movies – “Aquamarine” and Voodoo Lagoon, as well as working consistently in smaller television roles, and as a presenter.


Lincoln landed his big break in 2008 when secured a role in the popular Australian series “Home and Away” portraying Geoff Campbell, a hardworking farm boy who is yet to discover the lighter side of life, and football fanatic.

Like his character Geoff, Lincoln (whose father is NRL ‘King’ Wally Lewis) has played football all his life. While he did consider pursuing a career in playing football professionally, acting has always been his truest passion. However, he is understandably thrilled to now be able to enjoy doing both through his role.


For fun, Lincoln enjoys relaxing in Queensland with his friends and family, wolfing down strawberries, ‘cooking’ (he can only cook “foods from tins and packets, in the microwave…or toast or Two Minute Noodles), a good barbeque, and hitting the beach – all day, every day.