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French Actor – Louis Garrel

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French Actor – Louis Garrel

Louis Garrel, born June 14, 1983 in Paris, France, is a French actor, best known for the role of Theo in “The Dreamers” directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.


Garrel is the son of Philippe Garrel, a French director, and Brigitte Sy, a director and actress. His grandfather is Maurice Garrel and his godfather is actor Jean-Pierre Léaud, both of them also famous French actors.

Garrel’s first role on a feature film was “Les baisers de sercours” when he was only 6 years old. Not long after, he starred in several more movies, most of them crictically acclaimed, such as “La guerre a Paris,” ” Ceci est mon corps”, and “Ma mere” among others.


In 2003, Garrel got his big break when he landed the role of Theo in the critically-acclaimed movie “The Dreamers”, about a young American studying in Paris in 1968 strikes up a friendship with a French brother and sister. The film received a total of 6 nominations, which Garrel became known all over the world.

Garrel’s additional film credits include starring roles in “Amants réguliers, Les (2005),” “Dans Paris (2006),””Un lever de rideau (2006), and recently, “Les chansons d’amour” and “Le reve de la nuit d’avant.”

Venezuelan Actor – Reinaldo Zavarce

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Venezuelan Actor – Reinaldo Zavarce

Reinaldo Zavarce (real surname: Peche), born June 8, 1988, in Caracas, is a Venezuelan actor, best known for playing Alirio Bejarano in the popular Venezuelan soap opera, Amantes.

Zavarce was born in Caracas to Reinaldo Peche, who is an engineer, and Maria Laura, who works in international affairs. Neither has anything to do with the arts.

Zavarce first started his career appearing in several TV commercials including Movilnet, EFE, Polar Maltín, Discovery Channel, Pepsi, and Chupi Plum. Since he has good looks and a charming personality, his agent convinced him to try acting.

In 2005, Zavarce landed the role of Alirio Bejarano in the popular series Amantes. This was then followed by another TV appearance the following year, on “Te tengo en salsa” playing the part of Diego Sanchez.

If Zavarce could describe himself in three words, he would say “sportsman, creative and wild!”

Zavarce is an avid soccer fan. He loves everything having to do with sports and fitness. At a very young age, he already has a well-developed and aesthetically pleasing physique.

During his spare time, Zavarce loves to play the guitar, sing and go to the beach every day to master his new hobby, surfing.

His ultimate dream is to someday go to Hollywood and become a successful actor. He’s said that if he weren’t an actor, he would be a lawyer or a soccer player. “I’m still young. A whole world of possibilities is still ahead of me. Who knows? I could become an actor, a lawyer and a soccer player, or even a pro-surfer at the same time,” Zavarce said enthusiastically.